Page of Shame Updated 24th May 2013

Here are photo's of all my current WIPS, UFO's and Long Term Projects.

When I update on the Main Page I will Add the Photo here as well.

Encourgament Is always welcome.

Long Term WIPS.

"Lust" HAED
"Lust" Page 9 Completed July 10th 2011

The Resr -

"Father Christmas" JE Designs
"Father Christmas" July 14th 2012
"FOF88" 14th July 2012

Mini "Aquamarine" HAED
Mini "Aquamarine" HAED 22 July 2012

"Air Goddess" JE Designs

"Air Goddess" 24th May 2013

HAED Mini Vanity
HAED Mini Vanity 25th April 2013
"Chrysanthemum Fairy"
By Joan Elliott From Cross Stitch Collection
Kitted Up and Started Pic to Follow
"Chrysanthemum Fairy" 21st May 2013

 "Spring Goddess"
By Joan Elliott Cross Stitch Collection 220
 Getting Ready to Kit up!
 "Out Of Africa"
By Anchor (Converting to DMC)
Cross Stitch Collection 219/220
Something a little differnt from! Gunna Give it a go and see what happens

"Mermaids of the Deep Blue"

Conversion By Tracey


Jennifer M. said...

Those are really impressive WIPs. All of them are huge! They all look wonderful though. I'm up to 13 different projects myself. Crazy! Startitis is a real illness, I am certain of it. :)


weustygirl said...

OOHH so nice to see your sins in there, I have missed updates on them. Not bad, I actually thought you had a lot more WIPS than that. Thanks for sharing all your WIPS with us

Shebafudge said...

You have some gorgeous WIP's - I refuse to call them sins. If I did my list would never have me away from the

Teresa said...

Amazing projects!

Maxine said...

Those are some beautiful wip's. I can't wait to see all your progress on them. I might have to take pics of all mine I dread to think how many I have!

weustygirl said...

Some more lovely WIPS happening, so nice to see all the pieces you have going on

Leanne Bodiam said...

Beautiful!! I love the colour conversion on the Mirmaods of The Deep Blue. Any chance of getting a copy of the changes? It's stunning