Friday, May 24, 2013

Settled into a New Abode...........

Well I am now settled into our new Home! Feels fantastic to have all my stuff back, after having it all packed away for so long! Also this weekend I get my Star Wars Room Back YAY! That's been packed away for nearly 2 years......So I'm even more super excited about that!

I have also been off work on Annual Leave, 1 week down 1 to go.........I feel relaxed, but now I'm tired........

So I have managed to get some Stitching in as well......So I have an Update on 2 projects

First Up Chrysanthemum Fairy

"Chrysanthemum Fairy" 20th May
And here is what she looked like after a days work on her.....

"Chrysanthemum Fairy" 21st May
I'm really digging the disembodied arm.........that's a great look.

The Second project is "Air Goddess" I have been working on her on and off since August last year.....the longest I have worked on any JE Piece.............So I am determined to get it done before my break is over................

"Air Goddess" Before 25th April
After 1 Days work........

"Air Goddess" 22nd May
"Air Goddess" 24th May
So as you can see not to much left.............backstitching, beads face etc.......So hopefully, no I'm determined to have her done by next Friday!

That's about it for now. I'm about to go and watch my niece play netball for the afternoon!

See you all soon!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

All My Bags are Packed............Again!

That's right folks My Bags are packed again!

That's Because I'm now a Home Owner!

You heard right the "Gardener" and I are now Land Owners and we are thrilled!

Last Thursday was the most nerve wracking day of my life because we went a Auction!

We fell in love with a 1930's Bungalow, It had great original features and Just enough stuff that needs doing to it.........It was the first house that we walked into and went Wow this is it! I even have a claw foot bath! So excited!

The Auction was scary, because we wanted it so bad we would have been gutted if we missed out! There was 1 other couple bidding against us, and well we won on the day and were the last bidder, which I'm told at Auction is what you have to be!

So the last 2 weeks I have done No Stitching! Which I'm gutted about, But on the Up-side, I have 2 weeks Holiday coming up! YAY!

So I plan to do lots of stitching In My OWN Home!

So I just wanted to let you all know whats Happening! Once I have my own space again I will be back into my own routines and not living in someone else's!

Until Next Time!

Happy Stitching All!