Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dont you Hate it when Life gets in the way

Gets in the way of well everything!

They say that there are 3 things that are the most stressful to deal with.

1 of those is changing Jobs, another 1 is getting Married and the 3rd Is Moving!

Well so far life as been all consumed by 1 and 3!

As most of my readers know I moved back to my home city in August last year, to take up a job as an Assistant Manager! Well that was all fine and dandy until things turned to custard! Long, long story short, I'm now the Manager of the Store with 12 staff and Have had a Full Staff turn over in a little under 4 months! Needless to say Work has been crazy busy!

My life has also been consumed by looking for a house! Real Estate Agents, Open Homes, Banks, Insurance, Auctions Stress and Sleepless nights! Living with my Father again after so many years away........well needless to say things are stressful on the home front as well!

Throw into the Mix, A car accident that writes off your car, pushes you into on coming traffic, your life flashes before your eyes, and well that pretty much wraps up my absence!

Yes life has gotten in the way of my stitching! I need to say a huge sorry to Thea, for letting her down over our SAL! I hope she can forgive me for dropping off the radar! I hope you my loyal readers can forgive my absence!

There are days when I have come home from work after doing 10 nearly 11 hrs some days......and all I want is a feed and my bed.............I really miss my stitching time. Also being close again to family esp the "Gardeners" who all live an hour away from us..........I don't have enough hours in the day!

So if you have looked at my page of Finishes, You will notice Although I have not been doing much stitching I have had some Finishes!

I have also made a new start (not that I need anymore of those)

"Harebell Fairy"
Finished October 2012
"Harebell" was one of my First that I finished. I Started her back in May 2012.......She came from WOXS 187. I did end up adding blending Filament into her wings. I also added a Border as well.

She turned out pretty good IMHO! So much so I will in the future add some more "Flower Fairies" Into the mix, she is still unframed and rolled in the draw!

When I fell back in love with stitching again, I was Introduced to HAED after seeing a ad in a cross stitch magazine, the charts that they were showing were the "7 Sins" By Marta Dahlig.So I jumped straight in and brought the full size charts for each. I also jumped in and started 2 of the BAP, "Envy" and "Lust". Then the "Minis" came along, As soon as Michelle made "Vanity" I brought it.

So My new start is Mini "Vanity" for a mini there is still alot of detail.

I also love the size of the piece, the colours are fantastic!

HAED Mini "Vanity"
"Vanity" 25th April 2013
I made a start on her late March, so this is around 3 weeks work.

"Vanity" 27th April 2013
Over the Last couple of days because I haven't been at work I have had some stitchy time.

I have made some good progress and am not bored yet at all. I have also taken a more organic approach to how I'm stitching her, I'm not doing 1 Page at a time, Instead taking it where it takes me. Also leaving the skin and face till later on.

So that's about it. Again I'm sorry for my absence. But I'm back.

I'll be back soon with details on the rest of my finishes!

Happy Stitching All

Until Next Time!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update is on its way!

Hi Everyone!

Just a little something to wet your whistle...........

I have updated My Page of shame with a new WIP and I have Updated the Gallery of Finishes!

I will be back with a update very soon.

Im sorry for my absence!

All will be explained!

See you all soon............................

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