Sunday, May 27, 2012

Earth Update!

Good Morning!

After another mad week at work. With doing extra hours and having to go in on both my days off because our pregnant processor is playing the fool......which I wont to carry on about because it gets me worked up...........I have continued working in "Earth" this week and I think I'm going to keep going on her till she is finished. I think another week should do it.

"Earth Goddess" before
"Earth Goddess" 26th May 2012
"Earth" Face
As you can see she is looking great! I have made some slight changes to the amount of Quarter stitches that were used in her arms.......It was a mine Field in there. I don't think it detracts at all from the over all look. The Metallic thread around the leaf's in her hair I think is going to look great when its done even the little bit I have done already looks amazingly good if I do say so......

If you have this in your to-do pile, I suggest you move it to the top pronto!

That's about it today! I need to get myself ready for work!

Have a great week all!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, May 21, 2012


I hope everyone had a productive ISHW I sure did! I felt as if for once I got alot done.

Last week I worked some more on "Harebell Fairy" I have decided that I'm going to work on what I like as long as it does not involve any more starts (And only start something once something is finished) . Also I'm still undecided about "Santa" but will keep you posted on that!

"Harebell Fairy" 17th May
Excuse the poor lighting in my pics today!

So for IHSW I worked on "Earth Goddess" I've nearly finished all of the ground am hoping to get that done tonight!

"Earth Goddess" 20th May 2012
There is a little bit of backstitch done on the mushrooms and it really brings it to life!
I'm also giving you another clue as to what I'm stashing for ........"There are 2 of them"

Also you have this

Keep your guess's coming in. Although for the record I have already stitched JE "Water Goddess" so you can cross her of the list!

Also I'm not liking the new blogger interface so I've reverted back to the old one......Much better!

Tonight is also a special Night in little ol New Zealand. Tonight TV2 will be screening a 90minute special of "Shortland Street" which is our longest running soap reaching a huge 20yrs on TV! Such a milestone esp since they pump out 5 shows a week over 46 weeks or something crazy like that! So I cant wait for that! I love a little carnage and destruction on TV! So "Happy Birthday Shortland Street" Hope you go off with a bang! And yes I have watched since Day 1 my Sister and 1 and we still love it!

As I write this they are playing a tribute to Robin Gibb if Bee Gee's fame, who passed away from cancer! So very sad, however he has certainly left his make on the world with some fantastic music! He will always be remembered R.I.P Robin

Hope you all have a Fantastic Week!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer and a New Start!

How was every one's week??

Mine Chaos! Our Processor at work was away, Which means, I have to do her job, as well as mine! Considering it was the beginning of the month and all of my orders were arriving! So my week went really fast, and let me say I was pleased when the weekend rolled around! Doing 2 people's jobs is not fun esp when there is still 8 hrs in the day, although I am pleased that my boss is the kind that says its OK because there is another 8hrs tomorrow, so there is no pressure!

So stitching this week was kinda off! So because I put Summer into a weekly spot I was supposed to spend all week on her but she got 3 days! Because Wednesday night no stitching was done, and Thursday night I made a new start!

So this was summer before

"Summer" Before
"Summer" 8th May 2012
So the top 2 pages are all done! With a little more backstitching to go!

So onto my new start, So this is not something that I would normally do, although it is a fairy mind you. Whenever I have seen these Fairies in the past I have never been drawn to them, but for some reason I was.

The Fairy is from Issue 187 of "The World Of Cross Stitching" and its the "Harebell Fairy" from Cicely Mary Baker and the Flower Fairies range by DMC.

"WOXS" Issue 187
"Harebell Fairy"
Now I'm not sure why, but for some reason I really like her! I am going to make a change though and stitch her wing with blending filament so her wings will sparkle!

Here is my progress after 1 day

"Harebell Fairy" after 1 day
The background is worked mostly in 2 strand of half stitch, so that should go pretty quick!

I have also had some thoughts about rotation, I'm not liking it, having to stick to a certain schedule, so I think it might be dropped, as long as I don't make any new starts after this right??

Here is a small hint at what I'm stashing for!

Can you guess what it is??

Hope you all have a Great Week!

Happy Stitching All!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Earth" Update and a Finish!

Good Morning all!

That's right you read right a Finish is what I have to share!

Firstly, "Earth Goddess" was up in the rotation this week and I managed to get the left hand side of her skirt done.

I absolutely love the colours in this!

"Earth Goddess" Before
"Earth Goddess" After 3rd May 2012
You may notice that in my "Things on the Go" section to your right over there, I have dropped having a Weekend project, But have moved "Summer" into a weekly spot. Reason being, I need to get a couple of projects finished as I have some exciting things that I am just currently gathering stash for! Which means I'm not quite ready to announce what they are, but stay tuned!

Speaking of a Rotation, I 'm likeing a weekly one. Each project so far has been around the block twice now, and you can definitely see the progress in each project after the week has finished. I also mentioned about dropping having a weekend project, because I normally get more stitched during the weekend than during the week. So this way each project will have a weekend day to get worked on!

Enough chatter onto my Finish!

I decided because I was really close to finishing "Midsummer Nights Fairy" that I would spend the last couple of days beading! And bead I did!

"Midsummer" Before
"Midsummer Nights Fairy" Finished 5th May 2012
"Midsummer" Face Up Close
She looks great yeah??

However if I was to ever stitch this again for myself, things I would change would be to fix the wings, ie change the colour so that's its not 1 strand of blending filament and 1 strand of fine braid, I would also switch out most of the seed beads in her wings to petite beads, only because the wings are so densely beaded and things were getting a bit squished back there! And I would go for a darker fabric as well!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Happy Stitching all!