Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some WIPS and I have a little more time on my hands!

So After my finish on "Sweet Selina" which I was thrilled about, I decided to pick up "Rose Fairy" She is moving along nicley, Im just about down to the finishing bits

"Rose Fairy" Tuesday 21 Feb
"Rose Fairy" Friday 24th Feb
After getting this far I decided that I needed a bit of a break over the weekend so I spent Saturday catching up everything I had recorded and saved and working on "Morning Glory" she now has another wing -

"Morning Glory" Pixie Couture Saturday 25th Feb
After that I went back to "Rose" and here is where I left her last night -

"Rose Fairy" Monday 27th Feb
So as you can see I am just about on the home straight.

After last weeks post, I decided that I must have some form of OCD, or be a hoarder, because I had a look and I have kept all of my working copies from everything I have ever stitched! So thank you for all your responses on that!

I vow that this weekend I will go through and clean out all my working copies!

Also I have a little more spare time on my hands, because after 19yrs I have given up smoking, thats right I was a smoker!

The first 2 days were hell! Esp because as we had the 1yr anniversay of the earthquakes down in my home town, and we had the 3 month anniversary of mum passing away, so I had sure picked a great week to stop, so I am now 8 days smoke free. I have to admit that It was not as hard as people said It would be, but the first couple of days all I could think about was having one. I had to give up because my blood pressure was dangerously high, and after having the small incident last year with my heart I think Its for the best! 34 is way to young to die! I think thats why this week I got lost done as I was trying not to think about it. Also thats why I'm updating my blog from work, I have to something to fill in the time!

The other thing I have to mention my friend Weustygirl has changed her blog address, so if you are a follower make sure you check the link you have so it works! Also she does some fantastic stiching so make sure you check it out!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

IHSW, A Finish, A Question and a Comment!

Can you believe that it is nearly March already, considering the 3rd weekend of Feb is over and we have just had another IHSW!

My week went pretty fast, thank goodness, Back to School is over, now its just the tidy up afterwards, and trying to get the high school kids to come in and collect their text books!

As the week ended, My work friend and I were to have a "Sawathon" all 7 Saw Movies back to back!

Well Friday morning at sparrow fart she was here, after a quick trip to the supermarket to get supplies we were all set, everyone in the house was at work so I could have the surround sound on "Loud" and at about 8:15 am we were off!

We managed to get 6 movies in before people arrived home, which was pretty good going, I still managed to get some of the housework done that I normally do on a Friday which the "Gardener" was happy with!

It also meant that I got an early start in on "Sweet Selina"

So at the beginning of the week I was working on the Strawberries at the bottom,

"Sweet Selina" Wednesday 15th Feb
"Sweet Selina" Wednesday 15th Feb
Once that was all done it was onto the Face!

"Sweet Selina" Friday 17th Feb
The face shading was finished sometime during "Saw 3" early Friday afternoon! Then it was onto the Face itself! So all of the middle is filled with 754, by now you all know how much I hate skin, because it needs to look even or I'm not happy.

"Sweet Selina" Finished Saturday 18th Feb 2012
Well I think it turned out pretty darn even to me!

That's right I put the last stitch in her face before dinner last night! Although I have to admit that the last 20 or so rows were so hard going, I just wanted her done, but I was mindful of keeping it all even, so I concentrating pretty hard, then it seemed to be dragging! I was pretty elated when it was all over!

So I worked out that it's taken a little over a year to complete her, She was started around the 14th or 15th of Feb last year, however as my housemate rightly pointed out that I have worked on and completed alot of projects in between as well! So that's my 3rd HAED finish in a year! Awesome eh??

So as I was packing away all the threads etc, I got to thinking, I always make a working copy of my charts so I can highlight write notes, draw etc on them, and for some reason I always keep them after I have finished with them, So my Question for my readers is -

Q: - What do you do with your "Working Copies" once you have completed the design???

I will be interested to read your comments!

Which leads me into the last part of my post today!


As I was surfing the web last night I stopped by Joan Elliott's Blog and was disgusted and amazed at what I read, take a wonder over and have a read for yourself! Make sure you leave a comment as well to show your support!

Without people like Joan, where would us stitchers be! We would be bored out of our minds and be left twiddling our thumbs! I personally think that the people who are doing this should be outed and shamed! How dare they affect the livelihood off the designers we love and care about their work! Then when I read the comment about Michele at "HAED" having the same issues with the same people well that got me pretty heated up as well! Name and Shame I say!

OK now that I'm all het up, I better go and get ready for work! I hope you have all had a wonderful IHSW and I look forward to seeing your progress! Also welcome to my new followers I hope you enjoy my drivel and what I get up to!

Have a Great Week!

Happy Stitching All!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

1st Finish of 2012! Slow Stitching Week!

I finally have a finish for 2012!

I had some stash arrive from 123 Stitch which had the beads I needed to finish "Holly" it also contained the beads and metallics that I need for the "Air" Goddess, which is great!

So Thursday night I sat down and finished my restitch of "Holly", Friday she was washed, Ironed and mounted, however I'm not entirely happy with the mounting, I think it has something to do with the different size canvas, but the difference is ever so slight, but it still looks odd to me!

"Holly" Pixie Couture Nora Corbett
Although I am happy with how the canvas colour came out!

And here is "Holly" with "Iris"

"Holly" and "Iris" Pixie Couture
They look great together and I cant wait to add more!

I also had a bit of a slow week on "Selina" after a good session on Monday, with getting the right hand side of the heart stitched and 3 Episodes of "Lewis" later. Tuesday I was knackered after work, Wednesday Night we had my Birthday Dinner, which we went to a really good Indian Restaurant that we all like and Thursday I finished "Holly" Friday was a bit of a blah day, It was so hot here, even with the fan on I didn't feel like stitching so I laid on the couch and had a long nap.

So yesterday I did manage to get some stitching in

"Sweet Selina" Saturday 11th Feb
The heart is nearly done, and there is only a few strawberries to go! So hopefully this week that bottom corner will be done in time for Next Weekends "IHSW" which is great because I'm having a "Sawathon" with a friend from work, all 7 "Saw" Movies back to back!

I hope you all had a great Stitching week! And don't forget to sign up for "IHSW" when the sign up goes up this week!

Happy Stitching All!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Long Weekend Stitching..............

I may have mentioned before that I was having a relaxing long birthday weekend!

Well I have done just that!

The fatherest I have moved from my couch is to hang the washing out in the front garden and down to the letterbox to get the mail and I have loved every minute of it!

So what have I been doing for the last 3 days..........well the original plan was to work on and finish "Rose Fairy" however that went by the wayside, after I read a post on someones blog about feeling like they always started something and never seemed to finish anything.......I took it on board, and I did a count of projects I have started and well lets just say they have gone by the wayside......So I did a re-think and I have picked up a project that I have always loved and am going to finish it in the next 2 weeks unless anything horrendous happens!

"Sweet Selina"

Now before you all start to comment on how fast I stitch remember that, that's all I have pretty much done for the last 3 days!

So before -

"Sweet Selina"Before
"Sweet Selina" after first big block
"Sweet Selina" After second block
"Sweet Selina" 3rd block 4th Feb
"Sweet Selina" after 4th block 5th Feb
So as you can see I have made a pretty good dent in this, and its starting to look really good, so today's plan is to get the Heart and Strawberries done, well as much as I can. And yes I am leaving the face till the very end, I hope that my big hoop is large enough to get around all the 754 I need to do!

Also it depends what the birthday fairy has in store, which I hope is not much, Its just another day, and for some reason I seem to always be down for it anyways!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!

Happy Stitching!