Monday, January 30, 2012

Morning Glory and "How Long is Piece of Thread"??

So I didn't have a very productive week, and was off sick from work yesterday, had a rubbish gut and keep wanting to loose my lunch, anywhoo..........I also was out a couple of nights last week (Crazy eh)

I Still managed some progress on "Morning Glory" Her skirt is now done and I'm working on the buds to the side, this project is bead heavy so that will take a little bit.

"Morning Glory" Sat 28 Jan
"Morning Glory" Sat 28th Jan
"Morning Glory" Monday 30th Jan
So how long is a piece of thread??

When my Aunt was teaching me to stitch the first thing she taught me was "How long to make my thread" So I use this method  -

Thread wrapped 10 times

You wrap the thread around 2 fingers 10 times.............and this is how long you cut it, I've never measured it, its just 10 times around my fingers, then I hear you ask "What about confetti stitching, surely that's to much" Well in Answer to that yes it is...............

Thread folded in Half

So Instead of using a full length of thread you fold it in half and use just 5 times....

Half a Length of Thread for Confetti
I hope that all makes sense.

I hope you all have a fantastic week, and only 3 days of work until my long birthday (stitching) weekend!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 23, 2012

IHSW and a Beadtastrophy!

The first IHSW for 2012 is over, and so is January (almost)!

This weekend gone, I turned my needle to getting my restitch of "Holly" finished however I was going great guns until shock horror, I was going to run out of beads! Good Grief! So of to 123 Stitch I go and more beads are on their way to me, also all of the beads and metallic threads for Joan Elliott's "Air Goddess" but shhhhh don't tell the Gardener!

So here is where "Holly" is nearly finished!

"Holly" Friday 20th Jan
I also painted the canvas that she will be mounted on

Please excuse the dim photos in this post I have just taken them at 10:30 in the evening in my dark conservatory! So once the beads arrive I will finish her and do a tutorial for Monique!

I can here you ask, why on earth would I order beads from the US when I could find them here in good Ole NZ, well for one, sometimes I don't feel like trawling all over town to find a package of beads! I also like the convenience of sitting at home ordering and then they arrive at work, 3rd reason is the exchange rate with the US $ at the moment is really good, so it is also cheaper, and I can add to my stash and the Gardener is none the wiser, sneaky.............

I digress...........

Speaking of the Gardener, we had our our first crop of beetroot out of the garden, and beetroot salad was on the menu, So I decided to use the juice and try a little experiment with some fabric.........

Beetroot Fabric
It turned out OK, if I do say so......although, I did hang it on the line to dry and then it rained! Well instead of a solid colour it is now all rain pocked, In the pic you really cant see it....but its there, not sure what I will use it for but I'm sure it will be right for some project!

So on Saturday, while I was procrastinating about  working on "Rose" I gather all the threads and beads for another start.........Its another Pixie Couture..........

"Morning Glory" Pixie Couture
So this is my progress after 2 days

"Morning Glory" Monday 23 Jan
I did however manage to finish the wing on "Rose" that was half way through.........

"Rose" Saturday 21 Jan Day 12
I am having a long weekend in week or so, as its my birthday, it happens to  fall on a public holiday, so why not! So I'm thinking all going to plan, I should be able to get "Morning Glory" done, finish "Holly" and the be able to spend 4 more days on "Rose" and I think that might do her!

That's about it for now, hope you all had a productive weekend as I did, although I did do a little bit of procrastinating!

Have a great week and as always

Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rose Update Holly Re-Stitch IHSW and Back to Work!

Whew, that title was a post by itself!

So I went back to work, and it was almost carnage! Almost but not quite, Back to School was pretty much set up and there was only a small mess to sort out, so all in all not to bad! Much better than the last time I had 10 days off!

The downside to going back to work, was that by the time I got home stitching was far from my mind, I have managed to put some more into "Rose" and also made a start on a re-stitch.

"Rose" Day 7
"Rose" Day 8
"Rose" Day 9
"Rose" Day 10

"Rose" Day 11
So for 11 Days Stitching she is looking pretty good!

I also made a start on my re-stitch on "Holly" after gifting one last year for my blogaversary! So i spent Friday and Saturday stitching on her.........and I'm pretty pleased with how she is coming...

"Holly" Friday 13th Jan
"Holly" Saturday 14th Jan
Don't forget this weekend is IHSW so I'm hoping to get "Holly" Finished. Head on Over to Joysze's Blog to check it out and sign up!

Right that's it for now! Monique asked in my last post if i will do a tutorial on how to mount onto canvas I will, but I do need to take some pics, so bare with me!

Have a fantastic week, and have fun hermitting!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rose Update and Some New Statsh!

My Holiday is almost over, however I still have 2 more full days off, which is great and I'm finally starting to relax a little, I was thinking I could do with another week off, But with my next break at Easter its not that long to wait.

So in my last post I mentioned that I had a credit with Michele at HAED, so I hunted for some new charts, I spent a long time looking at BAP, but after awhile settled on 2 QS.

So I got,

FOF 177
QS "Fairy with Butterfly Mask"
Both of them are JBG's and I really like both, esp because they have so much colour!

I also submitted "Spring Explosion" for the rewards program, and picked another Hannah Disney Chart.

QS "Wintergreen Wishes"
Again I have liked this chart for a long time, and I'm thinking it might be my next start.

I also Mounted "Iris" onto her canvas, after not liking the purple I had painted it.

Pixie Couture "Iris"
I was worried that the new colour I picked wasn't going to work, but it looks great! I have also decided to restitch "Holly" so that "Iris isn't lonely! LOL!

OK so onto what I have spent my holiday doing Joan Elliott's "Rose Fairy" and she is coming along a treat.

"Rose" Day 3
"Rose" Day 4
Not much achieved on Day 4, all those layers of the skirt really do take some time!

"Rose" Day 5

"Rose" Day 6
So all her clothes are now done, today I'm going to work more on the left hand side and try to get the roses along there finished. then Its on the home straight. Although I'm not sure how much stitching will get done next week as I know it will be full on when I get back to work!

The weather is supposed to be rubbish today, so although I spent time in the garden yesterday, I wont feel so bad about being Inside today!

I have also picked up a few new followers so welcome to you as well!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year! Stash Added, Update and a New Start!

Firstly, Welcome to all my New Followers! Welcome and I hope you all enjoy your Visit to my small corner of cyberspace and the blogoshere!

Next Let me wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and that the holiday season is being kind to you all!

So since Santa didn't leave me any Stash I decided to treat myself to a little Xmas Shopping at HAED! I know I know I already have way to many in my stash but hey you can never have to many right?

So I have had my eye on this for a while........Its also my star sign and its just beautiful!

Wall "Aquarius"
I love this chart, Although it did cause me some bother when trying to download it, now I've never had any problems before and for some reason it just wouldn't download and crashed the computer weird eh........So silly me did it twice! So that means I now have a credit with Michele I do have my eye on a couple that I would like.....So I will let you know when I get them.......

So Christmas week I was going to get My Christmas Cards done and sent, But alas it didn;t happen, Work was mental, and Busy and just full on! So that went by the by, So for this year I am NOT leaving my Christmas Stitching till Christmas week! I will be good and stitch hopefully 1 card a month! That should leave me in pretty good shape come December!

The last week of the month I Picked up "Envy" and managed to get in another 5000 stitch's or 2 thirds of a page which was great!

"Envy" December 31st
So that takes me over 70,000 Stitch's in her. She is looking pretty good!

Last year I talked about how far behind I am on my Joan Elliott Stitching and the way she gets those charts out my stash will be full forever! So come Jan 1 i made a new start on another "Flower Fairy"

"Rose Fairy" Joan Elliott Cross Stitch Collection
I Stitched "Poppy" last year and Am looking forward to this...........So since the Gardener and I are not big on New Years, I finished the last bit on "Envy" then got right to getting Fabric and Threads ready to go.............So at a little After Midnight I made a Start....crazy eh.......but it was only 10 or so stitches but it was a start!

"Rose" Jan 1
This was progress on Day 1

"Rose" Day 1 Stitching
And my progress as of Last Night

"Rose" Day 2
I'm also doing a small amount of the backstitching as I go, Just to see if it speeds things up at the end, so I'm not spending days doing it............

The great thing Is I'm now on Holiday till next week and have nothing planned except to stitch and watch DVDs!

Well thats about it for Now!

Happy New Year and Lots and Lots of Happy Stitching!