Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming to you from a New Location!

I have been home for nearly 2 weeks now.

The Drive down was long and we struck some bad weather. We left Auckland at 4-30am and arrived in Christchurch around 10-30pm so not to bad going in the big scheme of things.

I am also into the second week of my new job, so far so good as well. All the staff are nice and friendly, but ATM I'm just watching how things are done.

On the stitching front things last week, were a little slow, my days were big and long so I didn't get much done, but some progress is better than none.

So I continued to work on "Winter Goddess"

"Winter Goddess" Before
"Winter Goddess" 12th August
"Winter Goddess" Flowers Up Close
So HAED had a Sale I only brought 1 chart I was very restrained

"Ruby" by Rachel Anderson
Its the full size version of Birthstone "Ruby" I love all the reds, and her face looks so serene.

I also have some bad news, there is a big craft store directly opposite 1 of the stores I am in, there goes my craft budget.

Last up I have also made a start on my "Jelina" SAL that I am doing with Thea, so here is a small picture until the update next month on the 11th

"Jelina Melita" Day 1
Sorry its a bit blurry. but you get the jist.

So that's all to report! More next time.

Take Care all.

Happy Stitching!