Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All My Bags are packed............

So we have packed up the car, ready for the trip south tomorrow! I'm excited now!

Although its been quite an emotional week.

I finished work on Friday after a very busy week. We had my leaving dinner/drinks on Wednesday night and It was a great night, low key with all my great work friends.

I also got some goodies!

The story behind my goodies is, I'm  a big curry fan and have a favorite Indian Restaurant here in Auckland, Some of us went there for my Birthday back in February and I passed comment on how much I loved the serving dishes. So it was decided there and then that's what I was getting, however finding these dishes in Auckland I hear is kinda hard. But with some help from another store they succeeded

So I received 2 Serving dishes and 1 rice bowel are they cool or what! If anyone knows the proper names I would love to know. In the first pic there is also some jumbo coffee cups that's because at work I always used my friends soup mug for my coffee so as a parting gift that's what I got as well!

Now when ever anyone leaves my work, we always have a morning tea on the last day! Now normally we only use the small round table however on Friday I had to break out the trestle table!

Last Day Feed!
Also I really didn't get all that much work done! However I did have a fantastic day and it was a great finish for this chapter! I will miss all my work friends and I'm looking forward to making new ones!

So aside from leaving work what else have been up to, Stitching wise well I spent the week working on "Harebell Fairy"

"Harebell Fairy" Before
"Harebell Fairy" 29th July
For her wings I have decided to add some bling, so with each colour in them I'm adding 1 strand of blending filament to give her a small sparkle

Wing Bling
If you look close you can see some sparkle! BTW that arm was a nightmare! I just could not count for the life of me! So that arm was done then ripped out and done again! Then Ripped out and done for a third time! I mean COME ON! So that's why on Sunday afternoon I swapped projects.

"Winter Goddess" Before
"Winter Goddess" July 30th 2012
I will work on her for the rest of the week, however with spending a day traveling and then recovering, I'm not sure how much stitching after today I will be able to get done.

I also forgot to show you guys what I picked for the HAED reward programme. So this time around I was able to send Michele 2 charts, because I never put in "Butterflies Galore" which I finished last year and only got around to taking a photo of recently, and "Sweet Selina" Which I finished in February.

I picked 2 QS

QS "Nina" By Hannah Lynn
QS "Peridot" By Rachel Anderson
I picked the last one because I'm enjoying "Pearl" so much.

Whew that was a jumbo post, Well I do have to keep you guys going while I'm away! Also until I get back online as well! "The Gardener" has said we can buy me a new laptop when we get there!

Right I better go do me some housework!

I hope you guys are all well!

Take Care!

Happy Stitching!


Melinda said...

You have the most enjoyable posts. I don't know what those bowls are called, but they are seriously cool..

Great choices for your rewards from Heaven and Earth.

Your WIPS are amazing.

Crafts4others said...

I like your wip's. Love the green color in the peridot pattern.

Terri said...

Good luck with the move. I am glad you are excited about it.

Your stitching is gorgeous and I LOVE winter goddess! Is that a leaflet, or in a book? I must have it, too! :-)

Jules said...

Your WIPs are beautiful! And the Peridot is going to look great!!

The Maiden said...

Good luck with your move, leaving a job is always full of mixed emotions but hopefully now the excitment can begin! Great progress on your fairy and the goddess is looking amazing!

tadamama said...

Good luck with your move and the new adventure. Your progress looks great! And I love the new patterns...I may have to go look at Peridot for myself!

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with the move. Great progress on your wips. I love your new charts.

Annie said...

Your WIP's are beautiful, as always. Safe travels and happy moving!

Claire said...

Good Luck with yor move.Great progress as always.

weustygirl said...

Safe travels today buddy, thankfully it looks like it should be a calm ferry crossing for you :)
Looks like work put on a lovely spread for you, you will be very missed there I am sure. It is always hard to leave one place where you have made so many friends but I am sure you will fit in fine in your new job.
Looking forward to hearing all the news once you get settled in. Your stitching is looking lovely, I am surprised that you got some stitching in with your frantic life right now. Keep us posted on your new beginnings

Stitching Noni said...

Love those copper dishes. We fell in love with the dishes while having a curry as well & just had to buy them!! Peridot is gorgeous. All the best for the move. See you on the other side!! :0)