Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All My Bags are packed............

So we have packed up the car, ready for the trip south tomorrow! I'm excited now!

Although its been quite an emotional week.

I finished work on Friday after a very busy week. We had my leaving dinner/drinks on Wednesday night and It was a great night, low key with all my great work friends.

I also got some goodies!

The story behind my goodies is, I'm  a big curry fan and have a favorite Indian Restaurant here in Auckland, Some of us went there for my Birthday back in February and I passed comment on how much I loved the serving dishes. So it was decided there and then that's what I was getting, however finding these dishes in Auckland I hear is kinda hard. But with some help from another store they succeeded

So I received 2 Serving dishes and 1 rice bowel are they cool or what! If anyone knows the proper names I would love to know. In the first pic there is also some jumbo coffee cups that's because at work I always used my friends soup mug for my coffee so as a parting gift that's what I got as well!

Now when ever anyone leaves my work, we always have a morning tea on the last day! Now normally we only use the small round table however on Friday I had to break out the trestle table!

Last Day Feed!
Also I really didn't get all that much work done! However I did have a fantastic day and it was a great finish for this chapter! I will miss all my work friends and I'm looking forward to making new ones!

So aside from leaving work what else have been up to, Stitching wise well I spent the week working on "Harebell Fairy"

"Harebell Fairy" Before
"Harebell Fairy" 29th July
For her wings I have decided to add some bling, so with each colour in them I'm adding 1 strand of blending filament to give her a small sparkle

Wing Bling
If you look close you can see some sparkle! BTW that arm was a nightmare! I just could not count for the life of me! So that arm was done then ripped out and done again! Then Ripped out and done for a third time! I mean COME ON! So that's why on Sunday afternoon I swapped projects.

"Winter Goddess" Before
"Winter Goddess" July 30th 2012
I will work on her for the rest of the week, however with spending a day traveling and then recovering, I'm not sure how much stitching after today I will be able to get done.

I also forgot to show you guys what I picked for the HAED reward programme. So this time around I was able to send Michele 2 charts, because I never put in "Butterflies Galore" which I finished last year and only got around to taking a photo of recently, and "Sweet Selina" Which I finished in February.

I picked 2 QS

QS "Nina" By Hannah Lynn
QS "Peridot" By Rachel Anderson
I picked the last one because I'm enjoying "Pearl" so much.

Whew that was a jumbo post, Well I do have to keep you guys going while I'm away! Also until I get back online as well! "The Gardener" has said we can buy me a new laptop when we get there!

Right I better go do me some housework!

I hope you guys are all well!

Take Care!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

IHSW, A Finish and the End is nigh

Good Morning all.

I hope you have all had a fantastic IHSW and are busy hermiting away.

I am about to start my last week in my current job. I have mixed emotions going into this week. I have made some fabulous friends in my job and although I am going home to some great friends I will miss the friendships I have formed here. Like always the good things always outweigh the bad. However the upside is, "The Gardener" and I are about to start a whole new phase in our lives, that is exciting and that I am looking forward to. I just hope we can survive 12 weeks or so apart, the longest we have been separated for was a week when I went away to a conference considering we have been together 7 years I think that pretty good.

I also know that I am going home to a city that will never be the same again after the quakes, but I'm excited to apart of the re-building of the city that I love.

So what have I been up to in the last week or so, well I have been winding bobbins and getting ready for the "Jelina SAL" Details are in the top tab if you missed it!

Luckily this week I also got a voucher from out local big craft store a scratchy card with $10 off, and lucky for me my sister never uses hers so that means I had $20 and I had received some $$ for "Summer" So money in hand I was able to get some threads.

So after working out what I would need for "Aquamarine" and "Melita" I needed 50 threads so my floss box is now full to bursting

Floss Box "Aquamarine" and "Melita"
Also last week I worked on "Pearl" and "Aquamarine" rounded off by Finishing "Summer"

QS "Pearl" Before
QS "Pearl" After
Mini "Aquamarine" Before
Mini "Aquamarine" 21st July 2012
I'm pleased with how she is turning out. Also it was nice to work on her after such a long break.

I also finished my first commission piece last night which was Joan Elliott's "Summer Fairy" I had already stitched this for myself, but a lady whom I work with asked me to do one for her granddaughter Summer. How could I say no. I really like the process of doing something for someone else. I liked being able to advise on what colour fabric to use and we changed the beads as well. She turned out better than my one, so maybe one day in the future I will do her for a 3rd time for me.

OK so onto the pics.

"Summer" Before beads
"Summer" bottom half with beads
"Summer" top half with beads
"Summer" Completed 21st July 2012
I think she came out pretty good. I will add a better picture with daylight and once she has had a wash.

I don't know how much I will update in the next 2 weeks while I am in the middle of shifting and while we are on the move. But don't worry I will try to at least do something. Also don't forget the "Jelina SAL" Thea which will start on the 11th August!

I hope you all have a great week.

Happy hermitting and As always Happy Stitching!

PS I have updated my blog roll as well. I hope you take the time to visit.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little bit more of Pearl, and a Page of Shame

The kids are back in the park playing the weekend soccer the roads were busier yesterday, that means the school holidays are nearly over and the little bra....I mean darlings will be running a mock at work tomorrow. I'm pleased I still have 1 more day of piece and quiet left.

Yes that's right the weekend is half over which means I have 2 more weeks left at work. I officially handed over 1 of my rolls on Thursday, It felt really weird! Although I did say that in my last week at work I would be relegated to the counter. HAHA.

I have had a really productive couple of days stitching. I have finished page 2 of "Pearl" and made a start on Page 3

"Pearl" 11th July
"Pearl" 12th July
"Pearl" 13th July
Look you can see an Elbow! I've never been so excited to see one before.

I think I'm going to continue across to the end of the page.

I have also added a new Tab entitled "Page of Shame" here are photo's of all my current WIPS, Long Term Projects and Things that have fallen of the Wagon, Also at the bottom is upcoming projects as well. When I Update a project I will then Change the Pic on the page. I think that it will help motivate me to completing some of the projects I've had on the go for awhile.

Let me know what you think. I also encourage you all do to the same, list them all, all those ones that you have started and never quite got round to finishing.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm off to yup you guessed it Pack some more!

Happy Stitching All!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revelations, Summer Progress and some questions answered

Well we are mid way through another week, my week again has been maddess, the manager is still away, the owner is hanging around like a bad smell, and for some reason I cant get any piece and quiet!

But I digress, I'm sure things will settle down, and my last 2 weeks will fly by, In fact it's 3 weeks today and we will be traveling to Christchurch, we should have just got off the ferry crossing and be starting the last leg of our/my trip home.

Summer is nearly done, I had a good session on Friday whilst my work friend was here and we had another movie marathon, this time it was a Final Destinationathon! Was Awesome!

So here is Summer, all she needs now are her beads, and I will get those in on the weekend.

"Summer" Before Beads
I also have been in a bit of a funk, and then I realised that I hadn't worked on a HAED for abit, so I picked up "Pearl"

"Pearl" Before
"Pearl" After 2 Evenings
I have got some more done since this photo was taken. Will update more next time.

I received a Lovely Email from Bianca, She asked some questions about my HAED Stitching so I thought I would answer them here, so they can help everyone.

So Bianca said she had been doing some research online and found lots of information and some of it conflicting. So this is how I see it -

With what we do as a craft, I really don't think there is any "right" or "wrong" way to do things, Although there are things to make things easier, and the biggest thing is to do what suits you best.

So Bianca Asked  "do you have a preferred fabric type, count?" I do have a favorite and its 18cnt Antique White, for the simple reason I like the size, I like the way the stitches lie, and I like the way that it still shows plenty of detail. I think you loose some detail a little with a lower count, it becomes pixilated. The best advise for this is to get some different counts and play around, 1 thread, 2 threads, tent full stitches and do it on all counts, but don't just do 1 or 2 stitches, do at least a couple of 10x10 blocks, remember that HAED's are very densely stitched so you have to be comfortable with what you are working with.

"How many threads to you stitch with? Over one? Over two?" When I use 18cnt I always use 2 over 1, Its not to bulky and when you stitch with black it has great coverage.

"it doesn't look like you do pre-gridding, but I was wondering your thoughts on that as well" OK gridding, I have never gridded anything I have stitched, I use the motto my Aunt taught me, "Count Twice, Stitch Once" Although Sometimes Late at night I count thrice. Some people swear by gridding and that its help especially if you are doing HAED's. like the above it doesn't work for me.

I think my last thought on this for now, that you have to do what feels right for you, and that starts with chooseing the right chart, You will be looking at the same picture for a long time so you need to love what you are looking at, needle, thread, fabric size etc.

I really hope that helped, if anyone has any other questions ask, and I can only but try to help!

Right onto the other Project that I am going to be starting soon.

Most of you will have seen the lovely "Mermaids" that Tracey stitches.

She has done the most wonderful conversion for "Mermaids of the Deep Blue"

Tracey's Conversion
I for 1 am very excited to stitch this. So I have picked Jazz By Picture this Plus I think the colours will look great. I also had a package from 123 Stitch Arrive

So all I need now are some beads, which Tracey kindly help me convert to petite beads, and all the metallic threads as well. So watch this space for when I'm going to start this. Which I promise will be soon.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Happy Stitching All!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Winter Update! Mystery SAL Revealed and Packing Sucks!

So I have been working on "Winter Goddess" By Joan Elliott this week. She is stitching up rather quickly as well which is great, however I was expecting her to be a little larger than she is turning out to be, although as always I am useing my normal 18cnt so 6 1 half dozen.

"Winter" Before
"Winter" 2nd July
So for a weeks work she is looking great!

So I am now pleased to announce 1 of my mystery projects and that is a SAL with another Blogger.

I contacted Thea from "Gizzimomosstitchyplace after seeing some stash that she had brought (she stitches alot of HAED's) and I sugguested that we look at doing them together.

The Charts are both by Myka Jelina

Mini Lucia
Mini Meltia
So the jist is we are both starting on August 11, we will both go page by page, (they are only 8 pages each) we will stitch 1 page at a time once we have done that page we will post our WIPS and link you to the others post. We will each have a tab at the top so you can see our progress easily. I will be stitching "Meltia" and Thea is doing "Lucia" then we will swap and do the other. We both think it should take 16 Months So we are in it for the long haul! We both hope that you will join us as we stitch these! We encourge you to encourge us! Although Unlike Thea, I am not kitted up yet, but I will get there!

The other Mystery Project is nearly ready for an announcement but not just yet, I will let you digest this first!

So I am frantic at work, the Manager is away and Im left in the Captians chair, it is crazy beginning of the month and with me leaving it all seems to be getting crazy! The house is just as crazy with all the organising and packing Im going a little of the rocker so my stitching is getting not so much attention. However I do have a moving date, which is August 1st The "Gardener" and I have have booked the ferry crossing and the plane flight back! So we will be apart for around 12 weeks but there is always weekends to vist! Also between you and me Im kinda looking forward to some me time Shhhhhhhhh!

So thats it for now!

Im off to colapse on the couch!

Happy Stitching All!