Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Start, Some Stash and Summer

Welcome to my New Followers, and thank you to you all for your kind words at the news of the New Job and the Move!

The "Gardener" and I spent yesterday packing, before I had to go into work, We spent the day packing up the Library. Now 1 of the advantages of working where I do, is the advance copies of books, and the free stuff! The down side is Moving it all. However we are halfway there, and hopefully today it will be done.

I hope all my HAED friends who love to stash didn't miss out on the 1 day 50% off sale. I sure didn't although I only brought 3 charts. Also I can only show you 1 of them, as the other 2 are part of something secret, that will be revealed very soon.

"Gloaming" By Maxine Gadd
Now when I finally get around to this piece I will be cropping out the entire right hand side. Pretty much all of that is Black. Its not something I would normally do. But hey sometimes we are all drawn to things a little different.

The Next Piece I brought this week is another Mirabilia Chart.

"Christmas Flourishes" Nora Corbett MD 24
I really like this chart, and it might become my Christmas piece latter on in the year.

Speaking of Christmas, I have dropped "Santa" from my now de-funked rotation, however my new start this week, is actually a Christmas piece, but I'm liking this allot more. I'm not sure why but I am. It's Joan Elliott's "Winter Goddess" from Cross Stitch Collection December 2011

"Winter Goddess" Joan Elliott
 My Small start

"Winter" 21st June 2012
Onto Summer, I'm nearly there another couple of sessions and she should be done. All that is left is backing stitching and beading. Hopefully I will get some time today.

"Summer" Before
"Summer" After 19th June 2012

"Summer" detail
I think that's about it for this weeks news.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I'm Off to pack some more!

Happy Stitching all!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Long Overdue Post! Lots of News!

Sorry I have been missing in Action!

Thanks for the kind comments about the new look of my blog! i do like how it looks and I will be tweaking it still.

I will do my stitching news first then, some kinda big news!

OK so I have finished "Earth Goddess" and she turned out a treat.

"Earth Goddess" Completed June 1st 2012
"Earth" Up close
I'm so pleased that she is finished, now only 1 goddess to go and then the set is done.

I spent a couple of days working on "Harebell" but not much time as something happened that changed my stitching plans.

"Harebell" before
"Harebell" After
After my news I needed to pick up and work on till completion "Summer Fairy"

"Summer Fairy" Before
"Summer Fairy" 15th June 2012
So Hopefully this week, she will be just about done. I need to finish her asap.

I have also been doing some baking, My sister had a charity function and needed lots of mini cupcakes. Request granted

Mini Cupcakes
Mini Cupcake Helper
Then we had a 21st at work.

21st Cake
Cake top! yes that's crunchie bars and maltizers! Yum Yum!
So now that that's all done I have some News!

"The Gardener" and I are moving back to Christchurch! Its been on the cards for awhile but in the last week things have really moved fast. I put my CV out there and within 48hrs had a phone interview and then a Job offer! So we made some decisions and decided I will be moving in 7 weeks back home and then when "The Gardener" has finished and qualified as a landscape designer then they will move then, so we will be apart for around 12 weeks but that's OK. We also have been saving hard for a house and with me going back to dad's for awhile our saving should grow lots. The job offer was amazing and the good thing is that its still in a book store! i know it may not sound exciting but it is to us.

So with that being said, If I am a little slack in my updating then that is why!

I hope you all have had a fantastic couple of weeks. Your Stitching looks wonderful, and I'm sorry i don't comment more, but you all do wonderful work. Oh and Yes I am still working on a couple of secret projects but will update you more soon!

Until then!

Happy Stitching all! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Earth, Some Stash, A Makeover and some Chart Reveiws

What do you think of my make-over?? I have not changed the design of or on my blog since I started nearly 2yrs ago and thought it was time for a re-vamp. I hope you like the lay out and the colours, I still went with green because that's a fav colour of mine.

I have quite a large post planned for today so buckle yourselves in, make a cuppa and enjoy.

We all like a little bit of cheap stash, so when you are browsing your local online auction site at midnight on a Friday and you come a across someone selling some $10 Mirabilia Charts how can you go past that..............

Mirabilia "Bliss Fairy"
Mirabilia "Petal Fairy"
Brand new and un-used not to bad for $10 ea. I'm thinking companion pieces. So they go in the Stash pile for a later date.

"Earth Goddess" is nearly there, I think If I get some good time on her today she might be done.

"Earth Goddess" 31st May
As you can see I'm down to backstitch and adding all the details, french knots etc

Now if you think the leafs in the round were a pain they were very easy and took 2 evenings to complete, and I think it really enhances the design.

"Earth" Up Close
I cant wait to add all the beads and get her Finished I have her frame ready to go as well.

So I thought to end today's post I would do a couple of chart reviews.

Now being in New Zealand, we actually don't get any Cross Stitch Magazine in the month they are released in the UK unless you have Subscriptions. I get mine from work because its cheaper and convenient for me.

So Yesterday Issue 251 of "Cross Stitcher" Arrived. Now I have not been a big fan of the Magazine since they changed the lay out and gave it a new look, However I also liked it enough to stick with it knowing that I would eventually warm to it and this month I personally think that It has been the best issue since their re-vamp.

Its called the "Colour Issue" and is jam packed with bright, cheerful and colourful charts.

I went through and Picked My Favorites and here they are

"Cross Stitcher Issue 251"
Firstly how great is the cover! The lime green is a favorite of mine, and I'm trying to convince "The Gardener" to let me have a wall or 2 in it! I'm not winning!

Next I picked a Chart by Emily Peacock Called "Happy Happy House" Its a inverted sampler and I think its great

"Happy Happy House By Emily Peacock"
I really loved this "Rico Design" called "The Fawn and the Ladybird" Its a birth sampler and is something quite special

"Fawn and the Ladybird By Rico Designs"
Up Next is a Chart Called "Roll Up, Roll Up" By Kerry Morgan Featuring 4 quick to stitch Circus Animals, that would look great together or on their own.

"Roll Up, Roll Up by Kerry Morgan"
Lastly there is 8 small cute rainbows and sun designs in the "Gift Ideas" section. Called "Stitched with Love"

"Stitched with love"
How cute are they?? The Magazine also has a great article about Blogging and a really easy to understand tutorial on Blackwork. So if you have this already have this Issue make sure you check out those charts.

Please let me know what you think of my new look I would love to hear what you think!

That's about it for now, Hope you all have a fantastic Weekend!

Happy Stitching All