Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mermaids and Posting Special Packages!

The weekend is now half over, and I had a rubbish day yesterday, Although I did get some stitching in, I spend most of the day with a mighty headache, and spent all afternoon in bed, which for some reason has become a disturbing trend for me.......Although I have drugs for them, sleep is the medicine. Also since being diagnosed with cluster headaches they are still pretty powerful If I don't catch them in time.

So the Mermaid is coming along....and I can see the end......the pic isn't that great for some reason the page lines are showing up.......but I'm sure once she is done and washed It will look my better.

"Mermaid" 18th Sep
So this is page 5 done and this is ..........

"Mermaid" 22nd Sep
where she is at this morning.......she has eyes and looks a little creepy with no mouth. 

In my last post Danielle asked how I keep my Threads organized for my HAED.

So as you can she all the threads have there own bobbins, I use the plastic ones as I feel they hold up better. I have the finished piece inside the lid so I can see where I am up to and what part I am working on. The thread list I copy onto 1 page and copy it onto card so it doesn't get trashed with all the handling. I also keep spare bobbins and my scissors , highlighter and tweezers which I would not be with out, they are get for picking out that pesky dog hair that always ends up in the stitches no matter how hard I try to keep it out!

Also this week I went to the post office.........

"Holly" Before her Journey!
Boxed and ready to be sent!
So 'Holly' is now hopefully winging her way to South Africa, I hope she is enjoying her trip!

Have a great weekend all!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mermaid page 5 Done! The End is in Sight!

Well after a mad week, and a wet and wild weekend A Rugby Win and a baby, Page 5 of "Spring Explosion Mermaid" is done and dusted and I am now on the home straight!

Work is really starting to ramp up, as we head into the festive season........the Xmas cards are out and I need to find the work decorations so they can be put up..........We are also a little short staffed so the days are busy but they fly past which is great. The weather has been all over the show, nice one minute and then pouring with rain the next.......and to make matters worse, I'm not sure if the news has made it off shore, but we have a shipping container boat suck on one of beautiful reefs and its leaking oil......I'm not going to say much more then that because it makes me mad and I don't like to be mad!

The other big news of course is the Rugby World Cup that's on here, in case you missed it, New Zealand is in the Finals...........I hope it goes well..........We can be be bad losers and I fear for the coaches and players if it all turns to muck....But it wont!

Also I know I said about not having any new starts but my housemates sister had a wee baby a couple of days ago, and this means I might have to break my new starts promise and get a baby gift done so when she goes home in December it can go with her..........Does that count???? I did one for the other baby when she was born so it would be rude not do one for this......But I'm Torn.......I really wanted to finish what I have on the go....although it might be a nice break from lots of confetti.........Its a blue version of this........

Baby Canvas
So onto Mermaid....I have now stitched my first stitches on the last and final page! YAY!

I'm so very pleased with how she is going......although I have to say the "little" butterfly on her chest nearly did it for me.......Just 1 stitch at a time.............

"Spring Explosion Mermaid" 18 October
Up Close
Although it looks fantastic that small wee butterfly I'm sure had almost all of the colours in it! I'm also really pleased with the skin......I have this fear that it will look messy and the uneven.......So I really take my time to make it look that slows things down somewhat. Never the less its turning out pretty good.

Tonight we had the first episode of season 2 of "Downton Abby" Holy Cow it was good! If you have not watched it please go and find it! Its Amazing!

Well that's about it for now.........Its late and I've another big day at work tomorrow......what drama will happen next, who knew a bookstore could be so full of it.....hahaha

Also of to the post office to put a special parcel in the post..........

Enjoy the rest of your week.........I will post an update on the weekend you might even have an eye to look at!

Happy Stitching All!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Im a Bit Late But The Winner is.............

I know I'm a late but I have a Winner and its.............Thoeria.....Well Done! So I'm guessing "Holly" will be winging her way all the way to South Africa! Which I think is awesome!

Theoria, Please Email me so I get your address to post it off!

Also a big thanks to all of you wonderful followers for all of your wonderful and humbling comments! They mean so much and I think you all ROCK!!!!!!

So I am still working on "Spring Explosion" I am now 4 pages completely finished! In the middle of last week I had hair fatigue I was just over It, I even contemplated starting a new project, but I was good and just keep going, although I did move onto the skin which I didn't want to do, but I needed a break from a confetti minefield!

So here are the pics

"Spring Mermaid" Sat 8th October
The last square of the page was horrendous! But we got there in the end!

Now in other exciting News HAED have a new section which I for one Love. Its a range Called "Minis"

Link = Mini's at HAED

So they are a full size chart but in mini form hey I'm willing to give up a little detail for a great picture and a faster stitch........I'm really hoping we see some of the Larger Hannah Lynn's and Jasmine Becket Griffith and Josephine Wall Esp her Zodiac Series and I would Love the "Sins" so I'm crossing my fingers..........So make sure you head over and check them out! I for one am already a big fan of the Idea and hope there is a SALE soon! LOL!

Thanks again for all your wonderful words!

Have a Great week all and Theoria Email me Soon!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Its been a Year! Mermaid Update as well!

Its is now the 1st of its around 11 weeks to Christmas............arrrrgggghhhhh I hear you all go is it really only that long......I'm sorry to say Yes, Yes It is!

I'm still working on "Spring Explosion" and Her hair is looking really good. Once you get into a rhythm it goes really quick.......So onto the Pics!

"Spring Explosion" 26th September
"Spring Explosion" 30th September
"Spring Explosion" Last Night
I also have reached the 4th side...........Which is very exciting! I'm also surprised that I have stuck with it for as long as I have and have not felt.....(OK I have wanted to) Start anything new.

I'm also pleased with how fast she is stitching up!

In other News.......I have been Blogging for a year now........I'm surprised that I have stuck with it...Although all of Your wonderful comments of encouragement have really kept me going...

I've also me searching for a good way of Celebrating it.....So I am going to do a Giveaway of sorts!

Instead of picking through my stash and picking some Items.....I'm going to Gift a Finished Piece!

I'm am going to Giveaway to 1 Lucky reader..............

"Holly" Pixie Couture
So all you have to do Is be a Follower of this blog and Post a comment! Its that easy........Then Next weekend......Everyone who posts a comment your name will go into a hat and I will draw a winner......Either me or DP will!

I hope you have liked what I picked I think she will look great hung up on 1 of my readers walls! (I will expect pics)

The last thing I want to talk about is Stitching goals for next year....with 12 or 13 weeks to go....Its that time again! At the end of last year I went through and finished all my WIPS, I'm going to do that again with the exception of "Lust" and "Envy" I have come to the conclusion that they are most definitely Long Term Projects. I'm very far behind in all of Joan Elliott's Designs, Including the "Goddess's" and "Flower Fairies" and I want to do "Father Sun" and "Mother Moon" so that is my plan so far......There is also her "Santa Claus" from a couple of years ago that I have wanted to do...........

That's It for now! So if you would Like "Holly" In your Home and Hanging on your Wall! Please Post a  Comment! You Have 1 Week from Today!

I am Raising My Coffee mug to another Year of Fantastic Blogging and Stitching!!

Happy Stitching All!