Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mermaid After the Weekend!

Well the weekend is over once again........I'm not sure but for some reason they just go by way to quick.

So the weather has been rubbish, Rain, wind and then the sun comes out! So It was A DVD weekend, as much as I like rugby (in case you missed it there is rugby being played here ATM) I have had rugby overload! Its everywhere you look, the news, newspapers on buses.......over buildings it everywhere......but I digress.........

I'm pretty happy with where she is at.......I have managed 2 more blocks......I'm also working larger blocks than normal......I normally do 2 x 2 blocks, but on this I am working in 4 x 3 blocks so each page is roughly 6 squares.........It does make it seem to go faster, however it feels like you are working on the same block for an age...

Here are the pics....

QS "Spring Explosion Mermaid" On Thursday 15th September
As of tonight.....

QS "Spring Explosion Mermaid" On Saturday 17th September
So there is one more square on this page, and half of it is hair! From a distance as always it looks great........up close I'm over it LOL!

This Morning I also Updated the Gallery of Finishes............So pop over and have a look.

I better get to bed it's late and I have 11hrs at work tomorrow!

Happy Stitching All!

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Mermaid" Update!

So I have some pics of what I have done this week on "spring explosion mermaid"

I'm pretty pleased with how she is looking however the page I am working on is Confetti Heavy!

So this is where I was when I put her down........

"Mermaid" Sunday 11th September 2011
This is where I put her down Last night.....

"Mermaid" Thursday 15th September 2011
All the blues are great to work with, So I'm hoping by the end of the weekend to be pretty close to a page finish!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about "Poppy", Today she is going in for a wash, also hopefully I will get her Framed as well.

Stephie asked a Question in my last post about working with Metallic Threads. I always use them as they come of the reel. I probably use longer lengths than I probably should although with regular untwisting I don't seem to have to many problems with knots etc and I also keep the thread pretty damp as well............I will post some pics in the "Tips and Tricks" about Metallic threads before the end of the weekend. I also have to Update the "Gallery of Finishes" as well. But I will wait till I have washed "Poppy".

That's it for now! Hope you all have a great day!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Poppy Fairy" Finished! With Pics!

As promised here are some pics of "Poppy Fairy" which I did finish last night!

I finished the last of the beading whilst watching Sex and the City 2 Which was So funny!

Anywho onto the Pics.........

"Poppy Fairy" Finished 11 Sept 2011
"Poppy Fairy" Close up
I did make some changes to the beads, because I love to stitch and Antique White Adia, The clear glass beads do get a little lost in the swirls, So I picked a deep almost blood red bead with a dark centre, as soon as I put the first 1 on I knew it was the right choice! I also (mostly because Im impatient and didnt want to order and wait for the right black beads, because my craft store didnt have the right ones) swapped out the black beads for a gun metal silver and they look really good as well. The skin which I always worry about, because I think it will look uneven, came out great, although i did omit some of the 3/4 stitchs. So Over all I'm very happy, Like I said out of the Six she is my least favorite, but I've come around to a different way of thinking having stitched it and seen it complete. So she will be washed and framed over the weekend, but for now she is rolled up in my stitching bag.

So whats next, Well like I said in my previous post, I need to work on "Spring Explosion Mermaid" So I have sorted my threads into its box and she is ready to go...............

"Spring Explosion Mermiad" Sept 12 2011
Im thinking she might take about 5 weeks to finish which is alright by me.

I also have made a vow NO NEW STARTS till the new year! LOL!

Thats it for now! A Big Welcome to my New Follwers as well! I hope you enjoy reading my rambles!

Happy Stitching All!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poppy Fairy Nearly Done!

So Poppy is nearly Finished and I'm very excited as she looks stunning!

I'm even excited about getting home to finish her!

There is just a small amount of beads to add, so shouldn't take longer than an hour or so........
I cant post any pics coz I'm at work on my break............LOL!
Then I have decided to put some serious work into "Spring Explosion Mermaid" As she still needs to be finished for A December Birthday!

Also some other news, Its Nearly my 1 Yr Blogaversary! How Exciting! I honestly though that I would not enjoy doing this but I have done. So a Couple of Weeks left I think its the last week of this Month! So I'm just having a we think about what I might do to mark the Occasion, I'm not sure Giveaways are the done maybe it might be one, I'm not sure yet.......I will have to put my thinking cap on.............

One more thing before I go, I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prays are with all of my friends in the states on this sad day..........10yrs ago the world was changed forever....and It will never be the same again............R.I.P

That's it for now, I might be back later tonight with a Pic "Poppy Fairy"

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Weekend is Over Again!

Well the weekend is drawing to a close again, and as always it has gone way to fast!

So I have spent the week working on "Poppy" she is coming along quite nicely.

"Poppy Fairy" 1st September
This is what she looked like at the end of the week. I also have learnt my lesson and that's not to stitch after doing 11 hrs at work. The Poppy on the far left, is completely up the whop and the frog did visit!

Although I think i managed to save it mostly! So after the weekend she has wings!

"Poppy Fairy" 3rd September
So next its onto the my most dreaded part the Skin! Then is the backstitch and beads! Then comes the hard part whats next, as much as I want to start something new, but I know I must work on "Spring Explosion Mermaid" Because It does need to be done for Xmas! But then its almost time to start Xmas Stitching because that's just around the corner!

I have also taken a stack of pics of some finished stuff that I will update during the week!

That's about it for now, I'm off to Do Desert! Yum Yum!

Happy Stitching All!