Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sorry Its Been Awhile!

I hate it when life gets in the way of things! Especially if that's Work! Arrrgghhhhh!

The last time I posted I was just about to bake 3 cakes for a 70th birthday! Well I did that, not to bad 3 cakes in 4 hours! LOL! They turned out perfect as always, no thanks to a fail proof recipe!

70th Birthday cakes for Grandpa!
They were yummy and went down well with the family they were for!

So that Sunday night I was sick.......everything liquid inside me wanted out at the same time, things were not pleasant at my house, I still say it was that dodgy salad from the supermarket that did it. So that was 3 days of feeling like absolute that means no stitching......all i did was lay on the couch and I watched an entire season of Top Chef All Stars which IMHO was the beast season ever! I still think that Carla should have made it to the Finals, although I am pleased that Richard won! Top Chef is most probably one of my all time favorite shows well that and Survivor and Top Model! I like my reality shows!

Then It was back to work..........and I had lots to catch up on! Whew, I was pleased when that week was over!

So I was finally able to pick up some stitching I decided on "Poppy Fairy"

So here she was when I last worked on her.....
"Poppy Fairy" by Joan Elliot!
And here she is now, this is what I have done as of last night, so its about 14 days worth........

"Poppy Fairy" 26th August 2011
As always I am leaving the skin till last. She is starting to look great! The Poppies look really good, and Although at the beginning I did pick her because she was my least favorite of the 6 I am now starting to like her very much.

I also have been doing some big days at work, 11 hours on a Sunday which is alright and does go pretty quick, although by the time I get home and relax I'm so tired I can barely pick up a needle, last Sunday I managed 1 length of thread...........

We also had a staff member leave work for greener pastures, so as the resident baker, I whipped up some Cupcakes.......Yum.......

Cupcakes! Yum!
Orange Choc and Choco Mint! They were pretty good although I really need to find a better butter cream recipe for some reason the consistency of mine holds up OK, but its not the best!

So I had to take these in on a Friday my day off, so I ended up staying for a few hours. So When i was talking to the boss about payment, she wanted to give me hours in lieu, but I had a surprise waiting in my tray, a book.....YAY!

I had ordered Joan Elliott's "Bewitching Cross Stitch" and It had come, so I suggested I have the book as payment.........

"Bewitching Cross Stitch"
What a amazing book.......well I am a little biased as I love her Designs anyway.......However the bad thing is now there are more designs I want to do! My Wish list is starting to get way to long! I will never get my "Sins Finished! So apart from the Dragon on the cover I also want to do "Father Sun" and "Moon Mother" and then I guess I will have to the other 2 Faces as well!

"Father Sun"
"Moon Mother"
Aren't they great!

I'm sorry its such a long rambling post! I am going to go back to weekly updates only because there is to much cover leaving it for so long!

I also want to thank my readers for sticking with me in my weeks of absence i had a fear of coming back and there would be no followers left! LOL!

Well that's about it for now!

Have a great weekend although mine is half over already! Also if there are any readers out there form New York and Surrounding areas I hope you all are safe and well! Take care in the Storm!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Post, Sorry its been Awhile!

We Finished our holiday, Back to work we went.........And I've shattered ever since!

So my first day back at work I ended up doing nearly 12 hours! We were very short staffed and we had a new staff member start who needed training! Then It was end of the month and things just snowballed! First of the month came along, and I didn't pick up a needle for 2 days, and When I did I couldn't decide what I felt like doing! So I kinda worked on 3 projects!

I did some more Colouring in on "Selina"

QS"Sweet Selina" July 27th
The I picked up "FOF 88" And I did manage another 700 stitches on her.......

"FOF 88" End July
The I started a promised stitch for my sister that was for her birthday last year........

Midsummer Nights Fairy 3rd August
This was 4 days worth of stitching..............

Then yesterday I picked up ( Can you see a theme ) QS Spring Mermaid! I figure I need to get a decent chunk done, as It for a gift in December!

Then I had some goodies arrive in the Mail!

These are the beads and Metallic threads for Midsummer and Woodland Fairy! Yay for Stash!

We also had our work conference going on this week so the boss has been out all week, so the joys of being 2IC you need to work heaps more than normal hence why hardly any stitching this week! The conference wrapped up on Thursday Night With A Gala Awards Dinner, So had to drag out the glad rags! Nothing like a black tie Event to end a killer week! So by the end of the night I was shattered!

Today is just as bad I was up and at the supermarket early, I'm Making 3 x My Fantastic Chocolate Slab Cake for a Function Today! Normally 1 cake would do, however this is a Tongan Birthday so lots of hungry mouths to feed.......Speaking of Which the Oven has just gone off Better go get the cake out! Only 2 more to go!

Happy Stitching All!

I promise I will catch up on all your blogs and Loverly Stitching soon!