Saturday, July 23, 2011

Colouring In! A New Chart! Funny Pet Story!

Hi Everyone,
Well I haven't been around much this last fortnight! Although I have been reading all your blogs and everyones work looks great! As Always!

Well we have been of on Holiday from work this week, nothing like 6 days away! I have not missed the boring mundane things about my job! Also the weather has not been very nice, so its been lots of days with the fire going and catching up on all the TV programmes that you save and Never get around to watching! One of them has been "Dontown Abbey" Which I have to say is a Fantastic programme, I love that period of time, and always wondered would I be Upstairs or Down! The Costumes are Fantastic and the House Who would not love to live there!

So I managed to catch the end of the HAED Sale 30% off! Love A Sale! I have had my eye on 2 charts for awhile now by the Artist Jonathan Earl Bowser! So I caved and Brought "Water" I think this will be my BAP for next Year!

"Water" by JEB
I also love "Fire" so the next sale its mine! The other great thing about this chart NO BLACK! LOL! It will be nice to do a large project that has no 310 in it!

So while the weather has been wet and cold, I have been Colouring in "Sweet Selina" Its Looking really good!

QS "Sweet Selina"
The hair is a Confetti Nightmare! Although its looking good! So this is a weeks worth of "colouring" I should think another fortnight and she might be done! It will be nice to have a finish!

So last night I was treated to a Sundae in bed, after DP had to pick the Drunk Housemate up! So the Dog who never likes to miss out on a treat was allowed to clean the inside of my cup * Oh No* I hear you say! But hey he doesn't get treats that often........anyways after DP was finished, the cup went straight in the bag.........and so did ............

The Dogs Head! The Cup was licked clean and the dog was very happy! Although it was had to laugh and take photos at the same time, it was very funny!

Only 2 days and it back to the grindstone.....*sigh* Although hopefully I can Colour some more before I go back!

Happy Stitching All!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Week, Another Page Done!

Well I spent another week working on "Lust" (that's for you Mrs Dibble) I have to admit that now another page is done and its looks less like just a row and a Actual Picture is coming to life, I gotta say WOW!

So this page had some more skin, her other hand and some dress.

I also had a minor setback right at the beginning of the week, The very first block I worked on, I had to rip it out and start over, for some reason I was a row out, and well her breast was looking very lopsided, and not in a good way. I was going to frog it, but then, it was like this is nearly the vocal point of the picture, so I cant frog it, So nearly 6oo stitches had to come out! Man I was angry with myself, And I nearly put her down, but nope, and I'm so pleased I did keep going. OK enough are the pics.......

Pg 9 "Lust"
"Lust" 10 July 2011
So the Next Page is pretty much all waterfall, and a little piece of arch!

Thanks to all my readers and followers for your kind comments and encouragement, It means allot. Also for some Odd reason I have over 100 now! Its actually very humbling to even think people read about my stitching!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I'm taking a break from this for now, Although We are off on another break next week, so I have a little stitching planned for then, Like finishing this row. But this week I'm working on another project, Its just an Idea right now, and I'm not sure what its going to turn into but will post about that next time!

Anyway! Happy Stitching All! until Next time!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Page Finish..........

I have spent the last week working on a "Sin"..........

I really enjoyed this page.......It had a little bit of background and a little bit of dress.

When I finished today, I gave it a quick refresh with the Iron then put it over the back of the couch to take the photo's and I have to admit from a distance it looks so good. Michelle at HAED does such a great job in the charting, because when you are stitching up close, You think how does that colour work, and by gosh it does!

"Lust" Pg 8 1st July
And the whole picture so far.........

So page 8 was a weeks worth of stitching......So the total so far........54,115 ,Which means 185,885 to go LOL!

And just so we can remember what the end goal is.....

So that's it for now! Also a Big Welcome to my new followers!

Happy Stitching All!