Sunday, June 26, 2011

I've Added a New Page!

So I've been wanting to add a Page with a Gallery of Finishes, Its still a work in progress, so please bare with me. Some of my finishes I need to take some photos of, and some of the pictures are on an illusive flash drive.

But for now its a start! If anyone knows if you can turn the comment section on, on your individual pages, please let me know!

Also keep those guesses coming in as to what "Sin" I'm working on, and I will post a pic at the end of the week, or when I get a page finish!

Right now, Its off to work for another week...........

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A New Start, A Update and Another Death!!

Well I haven't been around this past fortnight, I keep thinking that I'm going to come down with the flu, and I had a couple of nights when I just didn't pick up a needle!

However I have made a new Start on A Joan Elliott Design. I find they are a easier stitch when all you seem to do are HAED!

I started one of the "Flower Fairies" that she designed for Cross Stitch Collection.

"Poppy" Joan Elliott!
I worked on her for a few days, the colours very pretty, Isn't it funny, when you see all your colours in your box and then see them on the fabric how they all work together and how good they look.

"Poppy" 26 June 2011

I've also done a little more on "FOF 88" I'm taking this one a little slower because of all the skin and my paranoia of getting it even! I think its looking OK...........

"FOF 88" 26 June 2011
The Eye looks amazing don't you think! Although I have some reservations about the light cream on her cheek, up close it does look a little out of place, but overall it looks great............The eye was great to stitch, so many colour changes...............

My last piece of news is we had another pet death at home, Our Budgie Buddy! We were just getting ready to leave for work and I noticed that there was no movement in the cage

Me " where is the Bird??

DP " maybe he is on the floor of the cage doing secret bird stuff"

( The bird would scratch around on the bottom of his cage and then when you would look at him, he would jump back on his perch and look all innocent )

DP looks in the cage and sure enough the bird was on the floor of his cage, but alas not doing secret bird stuff............

So now Buddy the budgie is in the garden with a brand new Lime tree on top of him.............

I really miss him, as I was the only person in the house who he would let touch and pick up without having a complete panic attack......He was also good fun when I was vacuuming with "Glee" on the stereo he would sing along.......I will also miss him when we watch a movie and there is a big fight scene with lots of explosions etc, he would make the most annoying racket.......and then when there was a quiet bit on , he would also make the loudest noise...........So R.I.P Buddy!

This week I had an Urge to pick up A "Sin" and do another page.........I'm not telling you just yet, But you have a 50% Chance of getting it right.....Can you Guess????

Well that's about it for now.......Also a big welcome to my new Followers, its always exciting and weird to think that people actually like, and read what I write.............

It looks as if its going to be another wet and cold day......So lots of time for Stitchin..........

Have a good day all!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank You! A New Start, A Finish and a Cone!

Thank You to All My Stitchy Friends on your Fantastic and Healing comments after last weeks post! It means alot that you were thinking of what was happening........and feeling what we were going through.

I also have a Finish...........I spent last week working on "Fire Goddess" I was determined to get it done.
"Fire Goddess" Finish
She was Stitched on 18cnt Antique White, with DMC Threads and Finished with Mill Hill Beads and Kreinik Metallic Threads.

I also had the urge to buy a New Chart, but I wasn't allowed to start it until I finished something so it was an extra motivation to finish "Fire Goddess" I have had my eye on a Chart at HAED. I have Picked "Faces of Faery 88" which is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. It is also to help me get over my fear of Stitching Skin! I really like skin to look even and Smooth, and considering that over half the chart is skin I think its perfect to help with my fear.

"FOF 88"
And my progress as of last night...........I started on Thursday......

"FOF 88" 10 June 2011
So today my plan is to stitch the Eye! I'm pretty excited about that.

So that last part of my title is "A Cone" Well after the Incident with Petra on Thursday, Friday we had to take the Dog to the Vet, he has had on going ear problems since he was a puppy, and this time the vet thinks he has a yeast infection, well the day before the cat was hit, the dog had a raised lump on his ear, and we had decided that a trip to the vets was needed. So Friday was D Day off to the vet, anyways they kept him in for the day and operated........and he came home with a Cone on his head to stop him from scratching etc......and I tell you, it has been the funnest week in a good way........

So this is this morning........

He has been mooching around the house and just generally looking sad........the only down side is 3am when he wants in the middle of the bed......cone and all........It has also added some light pet relief after the cat.............

Thanks again for your kind thoughts..........

Happy Stitching All!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its With a Heavy Heart........Non Stitchy Post

Its with a heavy heart that I write this entry and please excuse any rambling.......

This Morning the next door neighbour came over to see if we had a small black cat.....We did and she on the side of the road, it appears she was hit at somestage this morning.......Losing a family pet is almost as hard as losing a human, they are part of your family........They keep you warm and they are fantastic company.

My Sister is devastated as are we all, we are just waiting for our other housemate to come home, so she can say goodbye, and then we are taking her to the vet to be cremated.

The other piece of news, is that most of you will know that I am from Christchurch and that there was a devastating Earthquake back in February. I lost an old school friend in the Quake, and last night on the news, we were told that he had been Identified, from bone fragments......Although I have not seen my old school friend since leaving, I'm in mixed emotions about how to feel. Although my school days were not happy, I did have a good group of friends, and to lose one of them in such a way is hard to understand.....

I will post more later.....

R.I.P Petra

R.I.P Matty B

Take care all.........