Thursday, February 24, 2011

In Christchurch!

We we drove for nearly 24hrs to make it to Christchurch.........We did, It is utter devastation.

We have been no where near the centre of the city, but the suburbs out East where my dad is, its bad, the roads are like driving over, constant road bumps, there are holes everywhere. We had to take a route around the outer suburbs to even get to dads. Instead of a 20min trip anywhere, its taking twice as long.

There is no petrol at most stations, and If there is, the ques to get it are long around 40 or 50 cars waiting.

The After shocks, are scary, we were having breakfast this morning, after spending the night at my friends place, because she has power, water (not drinkable of course), we were sitting at the table, then Boom.........the house rocks, the earth shakes, and it scary! It comes out of the blue and there is this second where you think, is that a quake.......will it stop or keep going..........

The sad news today was finding out about a very good school friend was killed in one of the buildings in town, and a friends father who was killed as he was helping repair an organ, that was damaged in the Sept Quake. It is devastating............

So we are here for a few more days and start our drive back home, on Monday morning..........

Thanks for you for your kind words of support. They mean so much..............The think I Would say though, Is hug your family and tell them you love them, this shows just how important family is............

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stitching Holiday Over! Home City Devastated by Quake!

My Stitching break has sadly come to an end, after a devastating Earthquake in my home town.

So far 65 People have lost their lives......and more are likely...........It was so gutting to see my home town, once again turned to ruble..............

Will Post more on my return.....we are of to pack to catch a ferry 8 hours away.............

Monday, February 21, 2011

Full Holiday Mode!

After a Relaxing weekend, I'm now in full holiday mode, No work, YAY! Also our house guests and their small monster child ( she is 1yrs old and driving the dog mad ) are going back to the UK tomorrow, So tonight we get to have our famous going away BBQ! So I'm doing my Chocolate Roasting Dish Cake, and Fresh Whole Snapper..................

So onto a Update,

QS "Sweet Selina" Page 3

Its allot of Black, so far I have chugged through 3 skeins and I'm thinking another 3 or so to finish all the Black!

I'm Loving the way she is looking and now she has an Eye, I'm Liking it even more.

Well that's it for today I'm Off to Bake A Cake!

Happy Stitching All!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stitching Funk! Holiday at Last...............

This week has been pretty slow going, It was also the week before going on I think basically I was just worn out, and my brain was turning to mush.........

Everything I stitched I wasn't happy with, and I was bored with what I was doing.

However, yesterday was the last day at work, so now I have 10 Days of Bliss, No Work, No Customers, No phone ringing and most Importantly NO Stupid Questions, Don't get me wrong I love my Job, there are just times, when It drives me up the wall.

With that being said,I have made a dent In all the Black on Pg1 of "Sweet Selina" and It is starting to look like something.

QS "Sweet Selina"
Pg 1 "Sweet Selina"
So far so good. I have made some Goals while I am off,

* Finish another pg of Black on the above
* Finish Pg 12 of "Envy"
* Sort out My Stash
* Take a years worth of Magazines and go through them
* Bake nearly Every Day, and a New recipe at that
* Dust and Clean the "Star Wars" Room ( that's a whole nother story )

Have a Great Day all!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stash Added!

So for all the HAED Stitchers out there, we all know they have a sale atm, and its really hard to resist adding to your Stash........esp if you have a new artist that you love their work.

So I had a small splurge on the Credit Card...............

QS Butterfly Keeper
QS Sweet Selina
What great charts, I'm thinking "Butterfly Keeper" Will be for a work friend who has a small obsession with Butterflies, and "Sweet Selina" for my Sister. So that means Sadly a trip to buy more threads.....Oh how sad!

Its been a slow week stitching wise, We have had lots of out of town visitors................So I haven't got as much done as I hoped, however, in 5 Days time, We are off work for 10 days! YAY! First break since Christmas, and Back to School is all but done! So I am hanging out for a break............

This week I have worked more on "Envy" and Yesterday Picked up "Spring Explosion"

Updates -

"Envy" Page 12
"QS Spring Explosion Mermaid"
On "Envy" there is only 2 more Rows to go...........YAY then the bottom 12 pages are done, It feels like I have been looking at this for Ever, it will be really nice to work on a New Page and a New Part of the Chart.

As I was Stitching last night, It suddenly dawned on me, that the Bright Blue on "Spring Explosion" Is using the very first skeins of 995 that my Aunt gave me from her stash, for some reason she gave 6 skeins of it, It was just a nice thought, that I was using some what she had brought in this project, Its hard to explain.

That's all for now, I think its going to be a lazy day, It was a early start as the little brother had to be dropped into town to catch his bus............Also the weather is not the best, bit dull grey and overcast...............

Happy Stitching all!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Think I have a New Love - First Start 2011

Well I made a new start, I wasn't really going to begin any new project until I had all the threads and fabrics for my sisters Mirabilia's, But I also have a 40th coming up in December, that I wanted to do something special for, ( I know its 11 months away ) But still I don't want to be doing something in 13 days like the Peacock!

So while i was on the HAED site a week ago I found the QS by Hannah Disney, I think I am in love with her work! Such amazing colour and such quirky art. Anyways I let the person who's 40th it is Pick what they wanted So I have started -

QS Spring Explosion Mermaid
She is only 165w x 234h. So not that huge in comparison to the "Sins" Just under 40,000 Stitches.

After making sure I had all I needed ( a quick trip to my fave craft store ) I was ready to go, so here is yesterdays progress,

QS Spring Explosion Mermaid Day 1
She is Stitched on 18 cnt (whatelse) 2 over 1 with DMC

This is pages 8 & 9 worked together as page 9 only had a row of 8 stitches across. The Colours are Awesome, and they are right when the call it a Quick Stitch, It is very fast going. I also think I'm going to leave all the Skin till the very end, so that It doesn't get to dirty.

That's it for Today, Its our Nations Day today, Happy Waitangi Day NZ!

Which Also means My Birthday, However I'm not a big fan of my birthday, just another day. However on the upside, I am home alone, everyone else is at work or out with the Family who are visiting from overseas, so I plan a nice day by myself, a little bit of housework, maybe some baking, and of course some stitching LOL!

Happy Stitching All!