Friday, April 29, 2011

Lust Page 7 Done!

My holiday is nearly over........*sigh* However I'm pleased that I have achieved alot, well Stitched alot.........and since the weather as well not been the nicest.........I don't and wont feel guilty about it either.

I finished page 7 of "Lust" last night and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

"Lust" page 7
I really like that feeling when you finish a page......... I also gave it a quick steam to get those pesky hoop marks out....... And since I work with it rolled at the top, I gives it a chance to flatten out again.

People have been commenting on how fast I stitch.......I'm working on a entry to show you all how I do it...But I don't consider myself fast by any stretch!

Also I spent sometime last night looking round the blogasphere.........there are some wonderful blogs out there......So I have updated my reading list at the side........go check them out........

That's It for today!

Happy Stitching all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Envy Update!

Well Easter is finally here, well been and gone actually! What a fantastic weekend, No Work, Bad Weather and Some Stitching! I have finished another 2 pages on "Envy" which I put down so I could work on the SK. I decided to jump across her, and do the other side, so I had some dress and background so pg 15 was only 12 rows across but a page is a page esp on a HAED!

"Envy" pg 14, 15
Pg 14,15 Close
So as you can see the bottom ruffle is finally done! Looks Amazing eh...........I also did something I would not normally do, which was give it a quick steam with the Iron, I think it freshened it up and it also took out all the hoop marks which I like! I'm pleased with how its going, and also with the overall look of it.

I was very tempted to start another page, but I know what would have happened, I would have got bored half-way through and put it down. So I have picked up "Lust" again, as its been awhile since I worked on her, when I stopped I was Half-way through a page (see the trend) So my plan is to finish Page 7 and Do page 8 before moving to something else.

When I was stitching last night, I had forgotten how much I hated the Flames, they are a confetti minefield, and contain around 20 colours! But they look really good and are well worth the effort!

That's it for now, I'm off to put a DVD on and Stitch LOL!

Happy Stitching all!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Thanks for all the Wonderful comments on the Finish! They mean heaps!

Tuesday night was a Marathon night, Not only did I have to do the finishing touches on the SK But I also had to bake my Cake! But true to form, no Issues arose, and both were done, and I was In Bed by 11pm!

Washed and Ironed!
Up Close!
So I added the Binding, and It looked Boring! I put the Zig Zag around the border, using the Different Colours from the SK! I was pretty happy with the final product! Also my work friend Loved It! Which is A bonus right!

However Wednesday night and Thursday night I was on such a downer from Finishing it, I'm not sure where to go Next, However I've done a bit of a Stocktake on where I'm at with all my projects, and its better than I thought! I only have 5 WIPS! I did however, Buy the "Three Graces" at the very end of the 50% @ HAED! Not quite sure where that fits in yet! But Now that I'm on holiday I can relax, and not think about work at all YAY!

Have a Happy Easter All! Stay Safe

Happy Stitching!

Monday, April 18, 2011

2 Weeks Ago I went crazy........

And Its paid off! I have finished My Very First HAED! OK, so its only a Story Keep! But hey a Finish is a Finish right?

I feel so good that its done, but I a very small part of me Didn't want it to end........I'm very tempted to get the full size chart now! LOL!

Anyways here is the pic, not washed or ironed, but I need an Early night......well at least before midnight.....

SK "Butterflies Galore"
There is not much more to say except I finished in 14 days instead of 16.............And for some reason I'm very proud of myself............Also Its kinda large for a bookmark......So I'm going to finish it as planned, them my work mate can decide what to do with it from there!

That's all for now, I will post pics tomorrow, of it all made up and the Cake which I'm doing tomorrow night as well.........3 days to go then Holiday and a Break I deserve it!

Happy Stitching all!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Weekend Is Over..................Again!

Well the weekend is over yet again, and I spent all my spare time on "Butterflies Galore" and I'm Nearly there.............1,100 to go......the countdown is on.

SK "Butterflies Galore"
Now if I thought the small orange butterfly was a confetti minefield then I was deluded to think the big one in the bottom corner would be anything different 18 Colours but well worth it! The blue looks alot brighter in the pics than it really is, which I like. Please excuse all the hoop marks, I cant wait for it to have a wash and Iron. I also went to the craft store to pick up finishing supplies, Some thick black Interface for the back, Some bias binding for the sides and nice big black tassel for the bottom! I'm excited about a Finish though, which I never thought It would be an HAED! Unless (touch wood) there is a huge disaster I'm well on my way to reaching my goal of a 16 day stitch!

Have a Great Day all, and check back soon for the finish............

Happy Stitching all!

5 More work Days till Holiday not that I'm counting or anything!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Update before I get Started!

Well yesterday was the last day of the week for me, its now the weekend........and after several Late nights......I was shattered....I only managed about 500 stitches.......but I'm OK with that She is looking pretty amazing now, and I'm excited about finishing my very first HAED!

SK "Butterflies Galore"
The orange butterfly at the bottom is a Confetti minefield! But after a deep breath I tackled it Colour by Colour and in no time it was done..........

I'm also very excited as I was accepted onto the HAED BB which is pretty cool, I had a quick look before bed last night, However I cant have any distraction for the next 2 days so I can knock off some stitches on this..........

Thanks for the comments on how to finish the SK, Louanne the link was helpful and and SK was amazing....all those beads, however I don't think mine will be that flash!

Have a good Day all and I will update after the weekend!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Update before Work.........

Here is another progress pic....over the last 2 days......Not to bad..

The Greens and the Pink Stitch up fast which is nice, and Tonight will be the last of the Skin and all the Confetti there........

"Butterflies Galore"
I'm also past the half way mark which is a good feeling! However I'm a little suck as how I'm going to finish is..........Any Ideas would be great........

Have a good Day All!

Happy Stitching........

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Challenge, A Sale and Bobbin Winding...............

Well Its been a Busy week here.................

I have a Birthday coming up on the 20th, its one of the Ladies from work, We were talking charts and I showed the QS "Butterfly Keeper" as she Loves Butterflies, anyhoo.........When we talked about it again, I said that I hadn't started it, and she seemed a little disappointed, Which I don't like, so I have found something else...............

SK "Butterflies Galore"
Now I'm not one to turn down a challenge..........Like the Joan Elliot "Peacock" that I stitched in 13 Days back in December, I have 16 days this time......So I started her on the 4th...........and here she is now 6 days later............I'm rather happy.......

SK "Butterflies Galore"
Finished Stitch count is 12,500 and this is 4,500 or there abouts............I love her face and Eyes they look really good.

Good thing Heaven and Earth are Having a Sale then............Which brings me to A New Chart that I'm lusting after...........

"Three Graces"
The "Three Graces" By Josephine Wall. Such Fantastic Colours..........I'm debating about it, However, I have got so many projects on the Go right now that I think it might have to wait. *sigh*

 I've also put "Envy" down so I can concentrate on the SK...........But this is where I'm leaving her...

"Envy" Pg 14 & 15
The bottom ruffle of her dress looks great.....and there is more background on these 2 pages......

Also Each day I have been winding some bobbins so I can start "Sloth" argh another start.......When will I have a Finish...........

"Sloth" Box
So Many wind 90 colours in one go.....Crazy!!! Winding around 10 a day not so much.......

Sorry Its been a rambling post........Although 10 more Workdays Till Holiday! YAY!

Happy Stitching All!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Envy" Pg 13 Complete!

Well I have finished Pg 13 of "Envy" Was a great page as there was Dress and Background together.

"Envy" Pg 13
"Envy" Pg 13 up close
Still looks pretty good IMHO! I have moved over to the other side and have started pg 14 and 15 together, as pg 15 is only 12 stitches across.

I'm also starting to get together the threads for "Vanity" "Sloth" is nearly ready just need fabric, and to wind all the threads. Which means there will be 4 on the go. I'm going to finish the current pages on "Envy" then move onto "Lust" for awhile.

We have more holidays coming up soon, with Easter so another 10days off Work! YAY! Hopefully this time there is no emergency trip home!

I have to go and get ready for work.......*sigh* another week, but I am on Countdown........only 15 days of work to go............

Happy Stitching All!