Sunday, December 18, 2011

IHSW Update and a Finish!

IHSW (International Hermit and Stitch Weekend) this is a great Idea which I have followed for a long time and always thought it was a great Idea. Its run through a fellow stitchers Blog and Its a fantastic way to catch up on your stitching projects, head over to Joyze at 'Random Ramblings' to check it out.

So this is my first time doing it and I worked on "Iris" and I'm pleased to say she is done!

"Iris" Friday 16th December
"Iris" Friday 16th December
"Iris" Saturday 17th December
"Iris" Saturday 17th December Unbeaded
"Iris" Completed 17th December
Does she or Does she not look fantastic! I love these Pixies as they are nice and quick to stitch and have bling as well! So she needs a wash and I've also got to buy and paint a canvas to mount her on so hopefully I will get that done this wee.

Also on Friday it was my Boss's 40th Birthday so Thursday night "Spring Explosion" received her final press and she was framed as well.

A work friend painted the frame and all I had to do was get the Black mount card for the inside which was really cost effective.

HAED "Spring Explosion Mermaid" Framed 15th December
I left the class out to take the pics and then put the glass in to give it. So it is now ready to go to Michele @ HAED for the rewards program, Now I just have to choose a chart. Its either going to be another Hannah Disney or a FOF.

Work has been mad busy, ahhh the joys of Xmas in Retail! Hopefully today goes really fast and its over in no time.

I've still got a couple of Xmas cards to stitch so that is the plan this week.

At least I got another Finish in before the end of the Year!

Happy Hermiting Everyone! Cant wait to see your updates!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

After a Small Break........Im Back.....

I just want to thank all of my stitchy friends out in cyberland, for all the love and support and words you offered in the passing of Mum.

It was a really hard week, emotionally draining and completely crazy. When someone passes you will see the best and the worst of family and trust me we had the lot.

I wont go into to much detail, lets just say that I got home and crashed! I had my first full day back at work on Thursday, and although I had been in and done a few half days it was really nice to be back amongst my friends and the hectic pace of Christmas..............which is the last thing I feel like ATM, although the Christmas tree is up and I did have the carols on, but I lost it and had a wee cry....but I digress.........I will post some Christmas Pictures through the week.
Like I said when i posted about Mum, I did have a Stitchy post to do that Night, So its a little delayed but here it is -

So I got a little tired of "Selina" and was having a I'm over your hair.........So I have put her down and Picked up "Midsummer Nights Fairy"

"Midsummer Nights Fairy" Before
"Midsummer Nights Fairy" After Nov 21
This is what I was working on when we got the call about Mum.

So since being back I have not had my stitching mojo at all but it has started to return......So I brought a new chart.......

Mini "Aquamarine"
I used to think that Mum's favorite colour was blue, but no as I learnt from her room as we were packing it was this so I'm going to stitch this for Mum. A little late but however...........

Then I know I said NO NEW STARTS ..........I did. I just wanted something small and not to complicated so I am doing another Pixie Couture

"Iris" Pixie Couture

And here is my progress.......

"Iris" 9 Dec
"Iris" 10 Dec
So that's were I am at.........I'm hoping to have her done within the's hoping! It is a real joy to stitch as well.

So my housemate and I got to go Floss shopping today! YAY! Our local craft store had moved location and we received $10 vouchers in the mail, and all DMC's were 99c ea Wahoooooooooo
So I was able to use my sisters voucher and well.......and for some reason she always get 2 lots of mail from them so 3 $10 vouchers............So I was able to get 60 skeins for $30......BARGAIN! and we like a bargain don't we.........So I was able to stock up on all the threads for the Joan Elliott Fairies that I will be starting in the New Year......Speaking of which only 3 weeks till Holiday............10 days of and I plan to spend most of that stitching!

So that's about it for now.......I have been watching all your blogs and will catch up on all the reading left to do.....Also I need to stay away from HAED which are having a sale..........

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Mum.................

Well Mum, its been a little over 4hrs since we got the call that you were in Hospital, you have had a massive bleed in the brain, and you had just been taken of life support. You are breathing on your own, but they have said that you are brain dead and we need to get home as quick as we can.

Mum, although we have not spoken in nearly 5yrs, you are in my thoughts everyday as to why we have not spoken..............I really don't want to go into that right now, I want to thank you.........

You may not have given birth to me, but at 10 days old you and dad brought me home from the hospital as proud parents. Mum, I know from all that you said, you and dad fought for me, there was another baby that you were to have, but the mother changed her mind, how I'm glad all these years later that she did.

Right from when I was little you taught me what was right and wrong, how to be a good person.......I love you for being there for me when I was growing up, and you always said how lucky my sister and I were to have both parents in a loving home.

I love you for taking me to my first acting you took photos of me in my first drove me to rehearsal.....and sat in the car and waited.....

I remember the night I had rehearsal and we drove through the thick fog along roads with no streetlights to get there.........

I remember the night when I was in High School, and I had stayed late so we could finish the lighting, and laugh at you turning up in your dressing gown at midnight to take me home!

I remember the weekends we spent at the batch and the weekend there was a fire and we were evacuated, and you grabbing your flagon of beer and a mug so you and the neighbours could keep going while we waited..........the New Years Eve that as we were coming home from your sisters 10mins up the road you held your lighter out so that we could be seen, even though we all knew there would be no cars coming at 3am, mum I was only 10..........

I remember the family bbq's, the nights we spent with the cousins playing while the "adults" talked and laughed, I'm sorry we never got to do that..............

I have you to thank for my strong work ethic, and the fact that when i turned 15 you took me see your friend who gave me my first job...........

Well Mum, you are now at peace, we have just had the called that you passed away at 12.04am .......I'm sorry I never go to say my goodbyes in person , but I'm thankful to your nurse who held the phone to you so I could say my goodbyes.............I'm sorry we couldn't do it in person either.You are my mum and you always will be.............

Your loving Son..........

PS, I did have a stitchy post to do tonight but as you can see things have not gone to plan........Thanks for reading this........We have a flight at 6am back home , it was to see mum, but i guess not now.....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Give me A Head with Hair!

Lots and Lots of Hair!

"Selina" is Coming along nicely, I'm loving stitching with all the burnt orange's......and browns!

So I have been working on her for just over a week now, I'm pretty pleased with the progress and I think I might be on target for a finish soon.............

But here are the pics....So this is where I left her...........

"Selina" 3rd November
"Selina" 7th November
"Selina" 11th November
"Selina" 14th November
I think I'm going to leave the treats in her hair till after all the hair is stitched and then the heart and fruit and then the dreaded face!

I have also resisted the sale at HAED! As much as I want to I'm not.

I also want to say thanks for all of your Wonderful comments on the "Mermaid" Finish, I'm actually pretty proud of her. Your kind words mean heaps! Also Welcome to my new followers I hope you all enjoy my rambles and I look forward to watching all your blogs as well! Another Thanks to Daffycat for the tip about the comments! I hope it makes my followers life a little more simpler.............

And as for my teeth I cant wait to get them gone! HAHA! The pain is getting better but the headaches are driving me mental and with work the way it has been the last fortnight I cant wait! Work is really starting to ramp up.......It's like it got to the first of November and "BANG" Busy Busy Busy..........personally I can't wait for it to be done and dusted because then its the Christmas break and I never get time off at Xmas so I'm looking forward to this break..........6 Weeks to go and counting!

Hope you all have a Fantastic Week as always!

Happy Stitching!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Are You Ready for a Long Winded Post..............

So I have been Missing in Action for a bit.......But I really wanted to Have a finish to show you and I do!

But first........So I'm off to have surgery on my Wisdom Teeth, its what the dentist think is causing my headaches and boy do I hope he is right. They have been going up and down for a long time, and the pain in my jaw over the last 2 weeks has been pretty bad.......So after seeing the Oral Surgeon yesterday I feel so much better.......its my bottom 2 that need to come out....they are growing at a 90 degree angle and are pushing at my back molars!

I have also added to my stash....Thanks HAED for having that sale that makes me spend money.......

I brought 2 charts a JBG and a Ching-Chou Kuik

"Red Maple Fairy"
"Kuik Montage"
I have had my eye on "Red Maple" for a while and I really like the "Kuik Montage" So they are just projects to go in the stash for a later date!

I had the shock on Tuesday when a Package arrived at work for me......"Holly" for some reason came back........So it was of to the Post office AGAIN! to re-send her.....They don't know why she came back......So hopefully this time she might make it out of NZ..........NZ Post Sometimes you Suck! Sorry Theoria..........I hope this time........Fingers Crossed!

Now onto the Big News of the Week......"Spring Explosion Mermaid" Is Finished! Yes that's Right Finished!

"Spring Explosion" Friday 28th October
This Piece of hair took an age.....only because I couldn't stitch for to long because having my head down hurt.........

"Spring Explosion" Monday 31 October
I was so happy when I finally reached the last stitch in the top corner.....the end was in sight!

As you can see I left the face till last, I wanted to do it all at once so it would look even. You know that fear of skin that I have!

"Spring Explosion" 2nd November
Her face stitched up really fast and her eyes look so good!

Full View "Spring Explosion Mermaid" Finished 2nd November
So at about Midnight on Wednesday I put the Final Stitch felt so good to finish and to finish another HAED Chart! She has had a quick Iron, But I'm undecided about giving her a full wash and press......I should but having never washed such a densely stitched piece before I'm a little scared in case of shrinkage! I'm sure it will be fine.........But does she not look amazing!

So whats Next, Well I'm not starting anything new.......So I'm going to go back to "Sweet Selina"

"Sweet Selina" November 3rd
There is not as much to do on her as there was on "Spring Explosion" But still a fair chunk of Hair etc to go...........So I would love to have her done in time for Xmas.......But we will see..........

That's about it for now......I'm off to Update Finishes Gallery and my side Bar! And catch up on all your blogs...........*stalk stalk*

Have a Great Weekend All!

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mermaids and Posting Special Packages!

The weekend is now half over, and I had a rubbish day yesterday, Although I did get some stitching in, I spend most of the day with a mighty headache, and spent all afternoon in bed, which for some reason has become a disturbing trend for me.......Although I have drugs for them, sleep is the medicine. Also since being diagnosed with cluster headaches they are still pretty powerful If I don't catch them in time.

So the Mermaid is coming along....and I can see the end......the pic isn't that great for some reason the page lines are showing up.......but I'm sure once she is done and washed It will look my better.

"Mermaid" 18th Sep
So this is page 5 done and this is ..........

"Mermaid" 22nd Sep
where she is at this morning.......she has eyes and looks a little creepy with no mouth. 

In my last post Danielle asked how I keep my Threads organized for my HAED.

So as you can she all the threads have there own bobbins, I use the plastic ones as I feel they hold up better. I have the finished piece inside the lid so I can see where I am up to and what part I am working on. The thread list I copy onto 1 page and copy it onto card so it doesn't get trashed with all the handling. I also keep spare bobbins and my scissors , highlighter and tweezers which I would not be with out, they are get for picking out that pesky dog hair that always ends up in the stitches no matter how hard I try to keep it out!

Also this week I went to the post office.........

"Holly" Before her Journey!
Boxed and ready to be sent!
So 'Holly' is now hopefully winging her way to South Africa, I hope she is enjoying her trip!

Have a great weekend all!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mermaid page 5 Done! The End is in Sight!

Well after a mad week, and a wet and wild weekend A Rugby Win and a baby, Page 5 of "Spring Explosion Mermaid" is done and dusted and I am now on the home straight!

Work is really starting to ramp up, as we head into the festive season........the Xmas cards are out and I need to find the work decorations so they can be put up..........We are also a little short staffed so the days are busy but they fly past which is great. The weather has been all over the show, nice one minute and then pouring with rain the next.......and to make matters worse, I'm not sure if the news has made it off shore, but we have a shipping container boat suck on one of beautiful reefs and its leaking oil......I'm not going to say much more then that because it makes me mad and I don't like to be mad!

The other big news of course is the Rugby World Cup that's on here, in case you missed it, New Zealand is in the Finals...........I hope it goes well..........We can be be bad losers and I fear for the coaches and players if it all turns to muck....But it wont!

Also I know I said about not having any new starts but my housemates sister had a wee baby a couple of days ago, and this means I might have to break my new starts promise and get a baby gift done so when she goes home in December it can go with her..........Does that count???? I did one for the other baby when she was born so it would be rude not do one for this......But I'm Torn.......I really wanted to finish what I have on the go....although it might be a nice break from lots of confetti.........Its a blue version of this........

Baby Canvas
So onto Mermaid....I have now stitched my first stitches on the last and final page! YAY!

I'm so very pleased with how she is going......although I have to say the "little" butterfly on her chest nearly did it for me.......Just 1 stitch at a time.............

"Spring Explosion Mermaid" 18 October
Up Close
Although it looks fantastic that small wee butterfly I'm sure had almost all of the colours in it! I'm also really pleased with the skin......I have this fear that it will look messy and the uneven.......So I really take my time to make it look that slows things down somewhat. Never the less its turning out pretty good.

Tonight we had the first episode of season 2 of "Downton Abby" Holy Cow it was good! If you have not watched it please go and find it! Its Amazing!

Well that's about it for now.........Its late and I've another big day at work tomorrow......what drama will happen next, who knew a bookstore could be so full of it.....hahaha

Also of to the post office to put a special parcel in the post..........

Enjoy the rest of your week.........I will post an update on the weekend you might even have an eye to look at!

Happy Stitching All!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Im a Bit Late But The Winner is.............

I know I'm a late but I have a Winner and its.............Thoeria.....Well Done! So I'm guessing "Holly" will be winging her way all the way to South Africa! Which I think is awesome!

Theoria, Please Email me so I get your address to post it off!

Also a big thanks to all of you wonderful followers for all of your wonderful and humbling comments! They mean so much and I think you all ROCK!!!!!!

So I am still working on "Spring Explosion" I am now 4 pages completely finished! In the middle of last week I had hair fatigue I was just over It, I even contemplated starting a new project, but I was good and just keep going, although I did move onto the skin which I didn't want to do, but I needed a break from a confetti minefield!

So here are the pics

"Spring Mermaid" Sat 8th October
The last square of the page was horrendous! But we got there in the end!

Now in other exciting News HAED have a new section which I for one Love. Its a range Called "Minis"

Link = Mini's at HAED

So they are a full size chart but in mini form hey I'm willing to give up a little detail for a great picture and a faster stitch........I'm really hoping we see some of the Larger Hannah Lynn's and Jasmine Becket Griffith and Josephine Wall Esp her Zodiac Series and I would Love the "Sins" so I'm crossing my fingers..........So make sure you head over and check them out! I for one am already a big fan of the Idea and hope there is a SALE soon! LOL!

Thanks again for all your wonderful words!

Have a Great week all and Theoria Email me Soon!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Its been a Year! Mermaid Update as well!

Its is now the 1st of its around 11 weeks to Christmas............arrrrgggghhhhh I hear you all go is it really only that long......I'm sorry to say Yes, Yes It is!

I'm still working on "Spring Explosion" and Her hair is looking really good. Once you get into a rhythm it goes really quick.......So onto the Pics!

"Spring Explosion" 26th September
"Spring Explosion" 30th September
"Spring Explosion" Last Night
I also have reached the 4th side...........Which is very exciting! I'm also surprised that I have stuck with it for as long as I have and have not felt.....(OK I have wanted to) Start anything new.

I'm also pleased with how fast she is stitching up!

In other News.......I have been Blogging for a year now........I'm surprised that I have stuck with it...Although all of Your wonderful comments of encouragement have really kept me going...

I've also me searching for a good way of Celebrating it.....So I am going to do a Giveaway of sorts!

Instead of picking through my stash and picking some Items.....I'm going to Gift a Finished Piece!

I'm am going to Giveaway to 1 Lucky reader..............

"Holly" Pixie Couture
So all you have to do Is be a Follower of this blog and Post a comment! Its that easy........Then Next weekend......Everyone who posts a comment your name will go into a hat and I will draw a winner......Either me or DP will!

I hope you have liked what I picked I think she will look great hung up on 1 of my readers walls! (I will expect pics)

The last thing I want to talk about is Stitching goals for next year....with 12 or 13 weeks to go....Its that time again! At the end of last year I went through and finished all my WIPS, I'm going to do that again with the exception of "Lust" and "Envy" I have come to the conclusion that they are most definitely Long Term Projects. I'm very far behind in all of Joan Elliott's Designs, Including the "Goddess's" and "Flower Fairies" and I want to do "Father Sun" and "Mother Moon" so that is my plan so far......There is also her "Santa Claus" from a couple of years ago that I have wanted to do...........

That's It for now! So if you would Like "Holly" In your Home and Hanging on your Wall! Please Post a  Comment! You Have 1 Week from Today!

I am Raising My Coffee mug to another Year of Fantastic Blogging and Stitching!!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mermaid After the Weekend!

Well the weekend is over once again........I'm not sure but for some reason they just go by way to quick.

So the weather has been rubbish, Rain, wind and then the sun comes out! So It was A DVD weekend, as much as I like rugby (in case you missed it there is rugby being played here ATM) I have had rugby overload! Its everywhere you look, the news, newspapers on buses.......over buildings it everywhere......but I digress.........

I'm pretty happy with where she is at.......I have managed 2 more blocks......I'm also working larger blocks than normal......I normally do 2 x 2 blocks, but on this I am working in 4 x 3 blocks so each page is roughly 6 squares.........It does make it seem to go faster, however it feels like you are working on the same block for an age...

Here are the pics....

QS "Spring Explosion Mermaid" On Thursday 15th September
As of tonight.....

QS "Spring Explosion Mermaid" On Saturday 17th September
So there is one more square on this page, and half of it is hair! From a distance as always it looks great........up close I'm over it LOL!

This Morning I also Updated the Gallery of Finishes............So pop over and have a look.

I better get to bed it's late and I have 11hrs at work tomorrow!

Happy Stitching All!

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Mermaid" Update!

So I have some pics of what I have done this week on "spring explosion mermaid"

I'm pretty pleased with how she is looking however the page I am working on is Confetti Heavy!

So this is where I was when I put her down........

"Mermaid" Sunday 11th September 2011
This is where I put her down Last night.....

"Mermaid" Thursday 15th September 2011
All the blues are great to work with, So I'm hoping by the end of the weekend to be pretty close to a page finish!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about "Poppy", Today she is going in for a wash, also hopefully I will get her Framed as well.

Stephie asked a Question in my last post about working with Metallic Threads. I always use them as they come of the reel. I probably use longer lengths than I probably should although with regular untwisting I don't seem to have to many problems with knots etc and I also keep the thread pretty damp as well............I will post some pics in the "Tips and Tricks" about Metallic threads before the end of the weekend. I also have to Update the "Gallery of Finishes" as well. But I will wait till I have washed "Poppy".

That's it for now! Hope you all have a great day!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Poppy Fairy" Finished! With Pics!

As promised here are some pics of "Poppy Fairy" which I did finish last night!

I finished the last of the beading whilst watching Sex and the City 2 Which was So funny!

Anywho onto the Pics.........

"Poppy Fairy" Finished 11 Sept 2011
"Poppy Fairy" Close up
I did make some changes to the beads, because I love to stitch and Antique White Adia, The clear glass beads do get a little lost in the swirls, So I picked a deep almost blood red bead with a dark centre, as soon as I put the first 1 on I knew it was the right choice! I also (mostly because Im impatient and didnt want to order and wait for the right black beads, because my craft store didnt have the right ones) swapped out the black beads for a gun metal silver and they look really good as well. The skin which I always worry about, because I think it will look uneven, came out great, although i did omit some of the 3/4 stitchs. So Over all I'm very happy, Like I said out of the Six she is my least favorite, but I've come around to a different way of thinking having stitched it and seen it complete. So she will be washed and framed over the weekend, but for now she is rolled up in my stitching bag.

So whats next, Well like I said in my previous post, I need to work on "Spring Explosion Mermaid" So I have sorted my threads into its box and she is ready to go...............

"Spring Explosion Mermiad" Sept 12 2011
Im thinking she might take about 5 weeks to finish which is alright by me.

I also have made a vow NO NEW STARTS till the new year! LOL!

Thats it for now! A Big Welcome to my New Follwers as well! I hope you enjoy reading my rambles!

Happy Stitching All!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poppy Fairy Nearly Done!

So Poppy is nearly Finished and I'm very excited as she looks stunning!

I'm even excited about getting home to finish her!

There is just a small amount of beads to add, so shouldn't take longer than an hour or so........
I cant post any pics coz I'm at work on my break............LOL!
Then I have decided to put some serious work into "Spring Explosion Mermaid" As she still needs to be finished for A December Birthday!

Also some other news, Its Nearly my 1 Yr Blogaversary! How Exciting! I honestly though that I would not enjoy doing this but I have done. So a Couple of Weeks left I think its the last week of this Month! So I'm just having a we think about what I might do to mark the Occasion, I'm not sure Giveaways are the done maybe it might be one, I'm not sure yet.......I will have to put my thinking cap on.............

One more thing before I go, I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prays are with all of my friends in the states on this sad day..........10yrs ago the world was changed forever....and It will never be the same again............R.I.P

That's it for now, I might be back later tonight with a Pic "Poppy Fairy"

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Weekend is Over Again!

Well the weekend is drawing to a close again, and as always it has gone way to fast!

So I have spent the week working on "Poppy" she is coming along quite nicely.

"Poppy Fairy" 1st September
This is what she looked like at the end of the week. I also have learnt my lesson and that's not to stitch after doing 11 hrs at work. The Poppy on the far left, is completely up the whop and the frog did visit!

Although I think i managed to save it mostly! So after the weekend she has wings!

"Poppy Fairy" 3rd September
So next its onto the my most dreaded part the Skin! Then is the backstitch and beads! Then comes the hard part whats next, as much as I want to start something new, but I know I must work on "Spring Explosion Mermaid" Because It does need to be done for Xmas! But then its almost time to start Xmas Stitching because that's just around the corner!

I have also taken a stack of pics of some finished stuff that I will update during the week!

That's about it for now, I'm off to Do Desert! Yum Yum!

Happy Stitching All!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sorry Its Been Awhile!

I hate it when life gets in the way of things! Especially if that's Work! Arrrgghhhhh!

The last time I posted I was just about to bake 3 cakes for a 70th birthday! Well I did that, not to bad 3 cakes in 4 hours! LOL! They turned out perfect as always, no thanks to a fail proof recipe!

70th Birthday cakes for Grandpa!
They were yummy and went down well with the family they were for!

So that Sunday night I was sick.......everything liquid inside me wanted out at the same time, things were not pleasant at my house, I still say it was that dodgy salad from the supermarket that did it. So that was 3 days of feeling like absolute that means no stitching......all i did was lay on the couch and I watched an entire season of Top Chef All Stars which IMHO was the beast season ever! I still think that Carla should have made it to the Finals, although I am pleased that Richard won! Top Chef is most probably one of my all time favorite shows well that and Survivor and Top Model! I like my reality shows!

Then It was back to work..........and I had lots to catch up on! Whew, I was pleased when that week was over!

So I was finally able to pick up some stitching I decided on "Poppy Fairy"

So here she was when I last worked on her.....
"Poppy Fairy" by Joan Elliot!
And here she is now, this is what I have done as of last night, so its about 14 days worth........

"Poppy Fairy" 26th August 2011
As always I am leaving the skin till last. She is starting to look great! The Poppies look really good, and Although at the beginning I did pick her because she was my least favorite of the 6 I am now starting to like her very much.

I also have been doing some big days at work, 11 hours on a Sunday which is alright and does go pretty quick, although by the time I get home and relax I'm so tired I can barely pick up a needle, last Sunday I managed 1 length of thread...........

We also had a staff member leave work for greener pastures, so as the resident baker, I whipped up some Cupcakes.......Yum.......

Cupcakes! Yum!
Orange Choc and Choco Mint! They were pretty good although I really need to find a better butter cream recipe for some reason the consistency of mine holds up OK, but its not the best!

So I had to take these in on a Friday my day off, so I ended up staying for a few hours. So When i was talking to the boss about payment, she wanted to give me hours in lieu, but I had a surprise waiting in my tray, a book.....YAY!

I had ordered Joan Elliott's "Bewitching Cross Stitch" and It had come, so I suggested I have the book as payment.........

"Bewitching Cross Stitch"
What a amazing book.......well I am a little biased as I love her Designs anyway.......However the bad thing is now there are more designs I want to do! My Wish list is starting to get way to long! I will never get my "Sins Finished! So apart from the Dragon on the cover I also want to do "Father Sun" and "Moon Mother" and then I guess I will have to the other 2 Faces as well!

"Father Sun"
"Moon Mother"
Aren't they great!

I'm sorry its such a long rambling post! I am going to go back to weekly updates only because there is to much cover leaving it for so long!

I also want to thank my readers for sticking with me in my weeks of absence i had a fear of coming back and there would be no followers left! LOL!

Well that's about it for now!

Have a great weekend although mine is half over already! Also if there are any readers out there form New York and Surrounding areas I hope you all are safe and well! Take care in the Storm!

Happy Stitching All!