Friday, November 12, 2010

Lots of Finishes!

Whew what a full on couple of weeks, 2 weddings and 2 Birthdays!

So The First Wedding was a Tongan Wedding held over 2 days, It was a work friends so it was sprung on me 2 days before that I needed to do the card. After some quick searching a false start ( I was deluding myself) and then some fast adapting we had a wedding card

It was adapted from a chart that appeared in one of the Brit X-stitching mags it was either WOXS or Xstitcher, the greens are a match to the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen. There is some blending filament in the veil the pics don't do it justice.

The second wedding witch we are off to in my home town ( means a stupid o'clock flight in about 4 hours from now ) I Decided on Joan Elliot's 'Tandem Wedding' it was such a great quick stitch I knocked it out in about 10 days I added some beads instead of French knots and it looks Great!

Its just mounted on a canvas.

The next gift i needed to come up with was something a bit special for a 50th

I had Done 'Phoenix from the Ashes' awhile ago, but had no idea what to do with it -

So another quick mount and a Gold Painted Canvas and its all good!

In the sunlight the gold really sparkles!

Lastly was a Birthday card for a friend Nice and Easy 2 nights and its all done!

Margaret Sherry's ABC!

I got rid of the bird on top of the 'R' Still looks OK though.

Whew lots of finishes and they all look alright.

So now its back to my rotation, or is it nearly time for lots of Xmas Stitchy things!