Friday, December 31, 2010

'Titania Queen of the Fairies'

A Finish for the old year!

I picked up Titania again just before Xmas, I was determined to finish her before the new year. I did so last night. I wanted to get some of my WIPS out of the way before starting my Sisters "Big 3" I had done all of the body but no wings..........

Before picking her up again

Left Wing

Right Wing

 The blending Filament in her wings was a pain to work with, 1 Strand over 1......but I got there in the end.
The Wings look amazing up close and I think she will really well as a companion piece to "Adia the Garden Fairy" Which is what I planned for her.

So Whats next.........."The Fairy Grandmother" from Lavender n Lace

My New Years Resolution is Not to have so many WIPS on the go at once, Finish 1 of the 7 Sins, Start another Sin "Sloth"......I have all the threads for now, Just need to wind them all onto bobbins and get the Fabric, Update my blog on a more regular basis, and hopefully find a new Job LOL!

Thanks for all of your great comments its nice to know that people out in cyber land like what you do.........

I hope you all have a Grand, Happy and Safe New Year..........

Happy Stitching all

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas Things and a Peacock!

So in my last post I mentioned about a Peacock! Well here he is -

Please excuse my hoop marks!

This was about 4 days in

I set myself a goal each day, by breaking the chart into pieces..........The Body , the Swirls, and the tail was in about 6 pieces! I was going to do daily pics, but by 1am each morning not so much!

Call me crazy But it worked! Thanks to Joan Elliot for designing such fantastically beautiful designs!

13 Days Later
Finished! AMAZING!

So with a little time left it was Xmas Card Time.........

If you are wondering about the holes......they are punched and closed with a gold split pin.......We have incredible humidity ATM.....and its a way to keep them from warping in the heat.....I also am in Love with spray glue......LOL!

The Charts came from a freebie collection with a Xstitch mag

My Next Projects are picked and ordered as well.

I was doing the Night and Day Butterfly Fairies, But for some reason i just was not feeling the charts and designs, not that they are not nice designs I just couldn't get into it. As they were a gift for my Sister I had to have a word.....She also was on at me to add beads and sparkly things........She has not a creative bone and just didn't get it when I explained that it wasn't that easy to just "add" them in!

So I took her through the Mirabilia Site to Pick something New! Because we all know how much sparkly things are in those designs.....and Instead of 1 chart we had 2!

The Woodland Fairie

A Midsummer Night's Fairy

Then after she was safely tucked away downstairs I Picked this to go in The Middle

Lilly of the Woods

I personally think the 3 will look amazing together! Also Lilly is a Surprise which I think she will like

So Because I have some short weeks coming up over the Christmas period......I need to finish some UFOs

Well until I get a chart and some threads to make a start...........

Monday, December 20, 2010

Whew Its Been Awhile!

Sorry I have not update in awhile!

I have been Very Busy!

I had a 60th Present to do..............13 days out I decided to do a Peacock! *rolls eyes*

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a Little Crazy.......But that crazy............ I set myself a goal on how much needed to be done each night......I stuck to it mostly.

So for 13 days I was doing a full 8 hours at work and then a full 6 Hours each night stitching........

I will post a pic as soon as it comes of the we are on Christmas week....i still have all my cards to go......They are mostly stitched.......mostly..........

I hope all your stitchy projects are going well for the festive season........

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lots of Finishes!

Whew what a full on couple of weeks, 2 weddings and 2 Birthdays!

So The First Wedding was a Tongan Wedding held over 2 days, It was a work friends so it was sprung on me 2 days before that I needed to do the card. After some quick searching a false start ( I was deluding myself) and then some fast adapting we had a wedding card

It was adapted from a chart that appeared in one of the Brit X-stitching mags it was either WOXS or Xstitcher, the greens are a match to the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen. There is some blending filament in the veil the pics don't do it justice.

The second wedding witch we are off to in my home town ( means a stupid o'clock flight in about 4 hours from now ) I Decided on Joan Elliot's 'Tandem Wedding' it was such a great quick stitch I knocked it out in about 10 days I added some beads instead of French knots and it looks Great!

Its just mounted on a canvas.

The next gift i needed to come up with was something a bit special for a 50th

I had Done 'Phoenix from the Ashes' awhile ago, but had no idea what to do with it -

So another quick mount and a Gold Painted Canvas and its all good!

In the sunlight the gold really sparkles!

Lastly was a Birthday card for a friend Nice and Easy 2 nights and its all done!

Margaret Sherry's ABC!

I got rid of the bird on top of the 'R' Still looks OK though.

Whew lots of finishes and they all look alright.

So now its back to my rotation, or is it nearly time for lots of Xmas Stitchy things!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hot off The Hoop!

Its done the Top Row! 39,200 Stitches!

I Happy as!

So after a quick roll with the brush to de-fur from all the furbabies it looks pretty good!

 Pages 5 & 6 together.

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick Lust Update!

Quick Pic Update of where i was before my long weekend! Just had a Wonderful 4 days break from work! YAY! No Ratty customers, no Stupid Questions! Oh the Joys of Retail!

Anyways on Friday I Reached a Milestone on "Lust" A Full 400 Stitches across!

I decided to work pages 5 & 6 as one. Which made it go much faster!

Making that 400 across was so cool, it felt like an achievement!

Excuse the hoop mark!

I'm also working in 200 x 200 blocks which for some reason it is much faster!

Hopefully tomorrow I will put up the First row Done Pics! I am 240 stitches away from that I had to stop tonight, I was getting tired.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rockin Dino's and Lust!

Well I thought I was going to be very good, and finish something in UFO week, But I kinda got bored and Lust was Calling me, Esp since I left it half-way through a page!

So I Picked her up and a Page and 1/2 Later I have some real progress!

30,478 to be precise

So here she was before -

Page 3 Finished

Page 4 Finished

Up Close

She is Starting to look pretty good, I'm not a fan of it up close but from a distance looks pretty good. Although I'm sure that's because I'm used to seeing it up close.

And Rocking Dino's -

And After this was 2 Days and It is on 14 cnt, and all block colour
So its just all the backstitch to go.

However I'm on a roll with Lust So I think while I am, I should continue, However Envy Waits as well. But I'm going to my favorite Craft Store on the weekend to kit out Sloth Which is stunning as well.

Lots of Blues! But None the Less Stunning! The Artist has done such a great job with all of these. 

Thats All For now!

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Butterfly Fairies and UFO Week!

So I have finished the First page of Butterfly Fairies Looks good the yellows in the sun are stunning and will deffinatly add to the overall looks of the transparent wings.

Butterfly Fairy Page 1
 Also this week is UFO Week.

I started this ages ago. It was my First Kit i did back in 1992 that seems an age ago.

It was in bad need of being redone, as the orginal has not faired well.

Its Called 'Rockin' Dinos' from Dimensions.

This is where I am At the beginning of the week -

I should chug through it pretty quick as its on 14cnt  and I normally work in 18 cnt. So hopefully it might even be a finish at the end of the week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So After a False Start..........

I have started this blog, just as a place to show my stitching.

My Aunt taught me to stitch when i was around 10 and i have done it on and off for the last 20 or so years!

I use as a stress relief for a stressful job!

After recently discovered a great site HAED ! Wow they do some fantastic Charts, I have started 2 and hope to blog my progress as i go through them.

I also have 4 other charts on the go as well.

Here are some pics of work i have done -

Adia the Garden Fairy

This was my first Mirabilia Design

May's Emerald Fairy

Joan Elliot and Her Seasonal Fairies

Butterfly Fairies Day

Titania Queen of the Fairies

Fairy Grandmother from L & L

Another Joan Elliot "Water Goddess"

Envy from HAED, this is about 30,000 of 240,000 so still a little ways to go, its 3 full pages and the full bottom row.